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As we all know, printing especially on a deadline can be frustrating. First, you have to find a printer with the paper you need that’s close to you. Then there is the issue of multiple people using the same printer, which can take up a lot of time, and ink, and paper. One solution is to get your own printer, but if something needs to be printed in an emergency, you are out of luck. If only there was a way to have a personal printer that you could have with you all the time, well with the ZUtA pocket printer there is. Here is a short video demonstrating the product. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4ba5ommDa4


The printer has a 10.2cm diameter and weighs 350 grammes. As you have seen, it is wireless and utilises a micro-USB connection to charge. As with anything wireless, we must know the battery life, this happens to be one hour, which with a speed of one page per minute, means at best you will get sixty pages off of one charge. The print quality is the standard 300 dpi, and the ZUtA comes with one ink cartridge, which is about a hundred pages, but this amount is still being tested. Sadly, at this moment in time, the ZUtA can only print in black and white, but it is incredibly likely that colour printing will come in the upcoming years.


As the above video is only a teaser, you may be wondering how do you start printing, well these are the steps you will take. Firstly you will turn the device on, then you will align the printer with the top corner of what you want to print on. Now you have a choice, you can either use the “print” button on the product or download the mobile app on your smartphone and print from there. To work with multiple pages, just re-align it to the top corner of the new page, and print using your desired option. If you would like more specific information on the ZUtA, you can visit their website here: http://www.zutalabs.com/.


2 thoughts on “ZUtA Pocket Printer

  1. That’s a really neat little gadget. My imagination immediately goes to fixing papers you’ve already printed. Forgot to put your name on it? Bam. Pull out your pocket printer. I also wonder if, were you to set it on any surface, it would print there too? It would be neat to be able to print designs onto things like mirrors or wood.

  2. The ZUta Pocket Printer seems like an excellent idea for some situations. It would be wonderful if they released the colour printer as well since it could have far more uses. I think a great solution this device could bring would be printing on bigger formats. It is always tough finding a quality printer and a good price for the work. The ZUtA printer works at 300dpi, and that’s great quality for nearly any task! However, I wonder about its limitations: Could it print close to the border of the paper (unlike conventional printers)? Could print on bigger formats?; how long would the ink last? Would it be too expensive to get a pocket printer? How expensive would the cartridges be? Otherwise, it looks like the printer could be just ideal for daily uses, especially when you are in a rush and need to print something right away.

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