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The concept of an artist’s own style is very interesting to me. So many artists stress out trying to find this golden and unique style that sets them apart from the rest. Yet, can we truly make exact copies of others people work without trying?

Since I have use of reason, I have been very fond of creating and drawing. Although, I really started to invest a  large amount of time into it when I was about 7 years old and my uncle told me about this series called Dragon Ball Z, he had watched it when he was a kid too so it’s been around for a while. I started watching it every night as it was shown on TV, and I was hooked. I fell in love with the art style and the creativity that it offered. Years later, I saw my uncle painting one of this show’s character on glass. It was a small piece. I thought it was fantastic and it gave me inspiration to develop a passion for drawing; not on glass, because I was young and I found it too difficult, but I started drawing and developing with any other media; pencil and paper being my primary choice. Over the years, I developed my technique further and I was able to replicate Dragon Ball characters rather well.

When I was about 12, I heard of another anime series on TV that I should check out. It was called Naruto: so, I watched it and just like with the other series, I completely fell in love with the story but also with the visuals that where between simplicity and complexity. Yet, they where very effective. As I did with Dragon Ball, I also tried to imitate the drawing style of the series, making various illustrations of the characters.

I have to admit that never in my life did I ever think what my own style was. I never saw anything wrong in drawing famous characters or designs. I always thought that it was ok to have something that you like drawing, over and over again; in doing so one develops the skill to use the art mediums or tools without stressing too much over the “idea” and if it looks right or not. As one has an image beside to compare.

In my humble opinion artists shouldn’t worry about having their own style of drawing from the beginning. I believe that the simple fact of you being a different individual, with a brain and body that works differently than others, is enough to make anything you do different, even if it’s a microscopic difference. And after a while in the process of trying out different styles; one will find out that there are some styles that stand and make you feel happy, those are the ones that will guide you in discovering your own style.

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  1. The concept of an artists own style is very interesting to me as well. As a young artist I also clung to re-drawing my favorite characters from tv shows, including Sailor Moon, Pikachu and the lovable characters from Winnie The Pooh. I wasn’t focused on creating my own style, only recreating these images over and over. But as you said, I learned techniques and different styles through this and eventually my own style came through. Now when I draw, I may borrow ideas from other artists but I aim to create my own images with a unique and original design. I enjoyed reading your post, it’s always a treat to see other artists perspectives on this subject.

  2. I like how you mention that you don’t need to start out with one style and that you should try many different styles and find ones you like. The style of my logo work for graphic design has evolved since I started doing it. My logos always seemed very cluttered and unorganized when I started because I was just learning the basics. Now my main go to when creating a logo is to use bold lines and to not implement as many different aspects so they are more simple and easier to identify and look at. Anime such as Naruto has also helped me with my character design for my artwork because I prefer creating much more simple and colorful figures like cartoons opposed to realistic ones.

  3. I really like this, I use to draw a lot when I was younger too. I think my style is simple. I like to draw cartoon character such as the teletoon characters like Donald duck and Bugs Bunny, mickey mouse, any animated characters are my go to. Everyone has their own style of drawing, it is what defines someone’s art. I’ve recently started drawing a lot of anime, I love the looks of the big eyes and the tiny body’s on some of the drawings. Anime is one of those drawings that as long as you add one or two features it can look like anyone you tend to draw. This is a great blog, good work Diego.

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