Your First Year of IMA

Coming into my first year of Interactive Media Arts isn’t anything I thought it would be, though I wasn’t even sure what to expect.

In the summer family and friends would always ask me what I was going to school for in the fall. When I told them I was taking a program called Interactive Media Arts, it was usually followed by a confused look and questioning what it was. I couldn’t actually give anyone a straight answer on what I was getting myself into because I honestly didn’t even know myself. My default answer would always be “It’s web design stuff…” while not knowing exactly what that was or what it could mean.

This is the “web design stuff” to expect your first term in IMA.

If you’ve grown up with or at least know who the Ninja Turtles are, you’re already one step ahead in visual communications. The visual communications course mostly focuses on different art styles, art history and the elements and principles of design. Coming into this program I didn’t have any background in art since I took band all throughout highschool. Having to really dig deep into what an artist was thinking while creating a piece is very challenging to do when you’ve had no experience with it. But you learn, and teach your eye to really look deeper into the meaning of things and to distinguish different art styles.

<p> For an hour after lunch everyday is coding, coding and more coding. Networld is where you learn basic html and css to code a website. If your code is broken, you probably forgot a  “ ; ”</p> 

You’ll never listen to a movie the same again after learning how to create foley sounds. Digital Audio teaches you how to record and edit voice overs, commercials, soundscapes, sound sfx and music montages with Adobe Audition. Writing skills and Media writing are two classes that teach you different styles and techniques of writing while the Digital Design class explores the many tools of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and After Effects. And lastly in the Digital Video class, we learnt how to operate a DSLR camera, capture video and photography stills, set up 3 point lighting and to edit in Premier Pro.

Every class led down to one big final project at the end of the term that took about a month to complete. It was interesting to finally see how all of the different classes came together in the end with all of the different tools I had used and learnt throughout.

2 thoughts on “Your First Year of IMA

  1. Great post outlining your experience thus far! I also found it hard to explain to family what exactly I was going into, even though I have had previous experience in high school. They only kinda get it now. Lol. Every now and then when I’m just trying to turn my brain off watching T.V. or a movie, I also find myself unintentionally wondering what they used or how they created that sound. Hours of what we learned in Graham’s audio class got stuck in my memory. Having coding after lunch always made me sleepy. After eating food, around 1pm was the perfect time for a nap. Glad we all made it through!

  2. I really like the topic you picked, it’s relevant to your audience . Whenever someone asked me what I had signed up for I experienced the same difficulty (some people just smiled and nodded though). I really enjoy how you brought in outside connections and little additions such as the tags, it really adds to the piece. I like you had an order to your piece and wrapped it up with what happened at the end year, so it flowed in a logical order. I think maybe adding some more images and maybe a couple links to your post (ACC IMA website maybe). Other than that I enjoyed the tone and it was consistent, which is good. Good Work!

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