You Can’t Teach an Old GOAT New Tricks

The Overwatch League, a place ripe for picking apart and insulting as their viewer count falls with each passing week. I feel like it’s time to throw my hat into the ring on this one.

The Issue – GOATS.

At least from the time I’ve spent watching last years inaugural season of Overwatch League I learned that the game is fun to watch. When the game is being played in the way teams are meant to be divided the overall teamwork and flashiness is a sight to see.

Fans Cheering on Shanghai Dragons

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

This isn’t that season though and we are in a very boring state of the game as far as spectating goes. Viewer counts dwindle as the amount of teams playing the exact same way into each other is at an all time high. Now normally there is metagaming in competitive scenes, whether that be character or weapon based, but the current state of the meta in Overwatch is a very boring one. A lot of the enjoyment of last season came from flashy plays by DPS characters. We aren’t in a state where those characters are being played, meaning that a lot of the plays are being made by playmakers not the ones that normally execute. This kind of play is nothing new, but it was never this saturated before either. Before if Reinhardt managed to hit a huge 6 man shatter that would send fans into a riot on both sides, now it’s the expected and if the Rein misses that shatter he loses all the entertainment value, the same applies to the likes of Zarya for graviton surge, and for self destruct eliminations. They aren’t as exciting because they have become expected.


This isn’t at the hands of the professionals though, they are contracted by their organizations to play to win. This means that they play “GOATS” otherwise known as the current meta because that is what wins, simple, otherwise they are taken off the team for someone who can play to win. This is the problem of the developers at Activision Blizzard Entertainment who have not purposefully but ultimately made a meta in which the community plague known as “GOATS” is the top dog.


I will be doing a follow up to this article on how the developers could approach a better point for everyone not just the pros and help the viewer count.

3 thoughts on “You Can’t Teach an Old GOAT New Tricks

  1. Your blog on the overwatch gaming League was thrilling and your angle on this story reminds me of real sports articles. The story was structured very well because you broke down each part of the story and added a twist and your own opinion.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this article! As someone who has a vested interest in Overwatch and Blizzard, but doesn’t follow their esports scene to closely finding out about this information is fascinating.

    Your description of what the problem is and how it is effecting not only the viewers experience but how the teams play is very informative, and spells it out in a way that is simple to understand even for those who have no idea or are brand new to this type of thing.

    I personally can’t wait for the follow up article, as I feel defining what could be changed to make the viewing experience more enjoyable for both those watching and teams seems to be a very interesting subject to tackle.

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