Working With Audio: Remixing

When working on a project, one of the most important parts of your production is making sure that all of the pieces that you are using work together properly.  This will usually require you to sacrifice some element of your project, whether it be in the visual, audio, or presentation sections. One such method of making your elements fit together just right is the remix tool in Audition.


The remix tool is used to alter audio, usually a song, so that the length is longer or shorter than the original composition.  In order to start this process, you need to put the audio into Audition. Once there, you can do the general cleanup (noise reduction, plosives, breaths) directly onto the waveform.  However, you will need to put the piece of audio into a multi-track mixdown in order to remix the track.


Once the music track that you want is in the mixdown, you can then go ahead and remix by simply going to the remix tab to the left and pressing “enable remix”.  Once said track is analyzed, you will be free to extend or shorten to your heart’s content.


However, there’s one last thing that you should remember about remixes: they will not be the exact length that you specify. Due to how the remixing works, chunks of the song are mixed into and taken out through the song, and since the remix cannot cut into these chunks, the song cannot be the exact time that you want.


While this might not be a problem for most projects, if the remix is paired with a visual portion as well, you may need to either cut down or expand the video in order to better fit the music.  Most of the time you’ll be able to cut down parts of shots in order to fit the time, so it won’t be a major issue.

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