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Wonderful World of After Effects

Hello there! This week’s blog post is dedicated to the wonderful creators of Adobe and their wonderful products, mostly After Effects, because that’s my jam.

Keep It Simple Stu..dent

I absolutely LOVE the unlimited possibilities that After Effects gives you. Whether you are editing video or making your own media from scratch, Adobe After Effects has the flexibility and adaptability to make some pretty amazing things happen, but in the eyes of a beginner, it is also pretty intimidating. Because I am bound to a 300-400 word count, let’s keep this relatively simple. Let’s talk about two simple but important facts about After Effects.



Starting with how nice it is to be able to import your work from Illustrator into After Effects. Neat-o! Have a cartoon you’d like to animate? No problem.  When you import into AE (I feel like I’m close enough to After Effects I can use it’s abbreviation) it keeps your layers organized, well, as organized as you kept them yourself. This is awesome because now each layer of your cartoon can now be edited in AE.


Key Frames


Key frames are key, seriously every little layer movement you do in AE makes a key frame for that layer at that specific time.  Whether you are zoom in or out, panning left to right, it’s all done through key frames. With these handy things you can set the speed at which the animation happens and how smooth it happens. If you’re somewhat skilled in AE you can even make a layer move to the beat of music all through key frames.


Honestly I haven’t even scratched the surface of what is possible in AE. These two things are kind of the roots of how things work and from there, possibilities are endless.  This site has some awesome tips and tricks to get you situated and ready to animate. If you have any really cool AE projects on the go, I’d love to hear about them!


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  1. Hey, I liked what you have here and am interested to gain more info on After Effects! I appreciate the like of the site that you have. I think you could have like a screenshot of your project or have a picture of what After Effects can do. There are some parts that I feel could use some grammar corrections, like there should be a coma for when you said “Honestly,” and “seriously,”.”Keep It Simple Stu..dent” I like the subtle humour and the inclusiveness of the entire text though I think you could have completed the ellipses to bring it home. Thank you very much of the post.

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