Why Your New Favourite Artist May Be Hiding On Bandcamp:



Music is right at the heart of our everyday lives, whether you’re into the latest and most popular stuff in the world of music, or you dig a little deeper into the industry, at the end of the day everyone loves a good tune. By now though, you’ve certainly heard of streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify but you might not have heard of Bandcamp. While there are definitely some similarities between the two streaming services, each site sits firmly in its own league of internet streaming services.

The site was first launched in 2007 and it sets itself apart from some of the bigger streaming services you may be accustomed to by breaking the barriers of independently released music, putting heavy emphasis on Independent Artists, and a revenue share like no other music site.  Money-wise, Compared to Spotify’s low payout of less than a penny per stream, Bandcamp takes a comparably low 10% of sales from all artists, giving them an opportunity to be supported directly by their fans. Many smaller bands that either don’t have the traction or can’t get their music put on bigger platforms have an outlet to share their music with the world. Another major benefit of Bandcamp is the lack of barrier to enter the site. Anyone who makes music can sign up and upload to their profile in a matter of minutes. There’s no need for a record label, distributor or any other barriers.  For most listeners, each service has its pros and cons, but the feeling of discovering a new artist on Bandcamp and soon discovering their music isn’t on one of the bigger platforms is oh so rewarding.