Why Lists Are Essential to Organization

a to-do listLife as a student can be incredibly confusing and complex, due to the amount of assignments, tasks, and overall things that you have to achieve within a limited period of time. Numerous tasks can add up very quickly if you don’t keep track of them. That’s why lists are often a very essential organizational tool in the chaotic world of a student.


Find a format that works for you

Believe or not, there is various ways you can make a list! You can use colours, numbers, keywords and many other tags to help you keep track of tasks. This can become very overwhelming. Lists can be made on a journal, or a text document. Of course there is many other ways, but the one that works for me is an app called Google Keep, which leads us to…


Why you should use Google Keep

Google Keep is an application/service that you can use across platforms (such as your mobile phone, your desktop/laptop, ect.) to make lists, notes, and remainders. The great thing about Keep is its versatility to label the notes and lists that you make according to what’s most important to do.

Keep also gives you reminders of tasks that you need to achieve before due dates, which is great for students with a heavy school/life workload.


What if I don’t like Google Keep

Calendars are very much essential as a tool for keeping track of tasks, and you probably already use one! The great thing about calendars is that they come in different sizes and formats (for example: digital calendars, big poster calendars, desk calendars, and so many other options).

If you like digital calendars, I would give Google Calendar a go. In a way, it is very similar to Google Keep, with various different ways to label dates and schedule remainders.