Why Adobe Creative Cloud is so great

Are you tired of having to pay for individual Adobe Programs because of how expensive each application is? Do you ever think, “I wish there was a way to get more out of my money by just spending a bit more money for something bigger and better?” Well I have a solution for you! Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe Creative Cloud is an application which everyone in the Interactive Media Arts program whether Interactive or Media all have and all need to purchase in the beginning of the program in the first semester. This application has all of your graphic designer, video editing, web design and many other needs along with mobile applications.

It’s also really good for organization, managing your files, sharing files with other people who also have Adobe Creative Cloud, this wonderful application gives you the option to save your work in the Cloud which keeps all your files safe and easily manageable, it works very similarly to iCloud for the iPhone because of its file-sharing and management components. The main creative cloud subscription price is actually very cheap and is only $50.00 USD per month, and the whole subscription is a year long.

If you aren’t sure whether you want the Adobe Creative Cloud or not you can also choose to buy a 1-month subscription which is $80.00 USD and in that 1 month you can decide whether you like all the accessibility as well as variety to many of the useful Adobe applications as well as the very efficient file organization and sharing that comes along with the app.

The Adobe applications that are included in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription include: Photoshop CC (creating beautiful graphics, photos, and art), Illustrator CC (creating stunning illustrations and graphics), InDesign CC (designing and publishing elegant layouts), XD CC, Lightroom CC (creative cloud-based photo editing service), Premiere Pro CC (used for editing and crafting polished films and videos, Premiere Rush CC, After Effects CC, Bridge CC, Portfolio, Spark, Behance, Acrobat DC, Lightroom Classic CC, Dimesnion CC, Dreamweaver CC, Animate CC and Mobile Device Packaging, Character Animation CC, Audition CC, Media Encoder CC, InCopy CC, Prelude CC, Fuse CC, Camera Raw CC, and many more applications including mobile applications.

All in all having the Adobe Creative Cloud is a very useful application, it’s not too expensive, can be used to create many different types of material, efficient for organization, and managing files, sharing, and much more.

Figure 1: Here are some of the icons of some of the programs included in Adobe Creative Cloud (all applications not shown).

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  1. Thanks for the blog. I really enjoyed it, as you went in depth on the Adobe Creative Cloud services. I think you could improve on it by adding sub-headers before each of your paragraphs, so we know what to expect while reading. I also think you could have put all the applications that are included into a list. This would make it easier to read. Since we are all students you could have added the student pricing options as well, as they are much cheaper than the regular subscription price. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinions on Adobe Creative Cloud. I look forward to reading your next blog.

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