When Inspiration Hits

Inspiration. Ideas. Where do they come from? How do you know when they’re going to hit? How do you know if the idea that just hit you is a good one?

As design students, we are presented with the challenge of coming up with new ideas and concepts daily. With each now exercise, assignment and project, our minds race to find inspiration. What if inspiration doesn’t come? What then? Our instructors say, just run with the first idea you have. Don’t overthink it. So i have been trying to put this into practice (which is easier said than done).

So where do we go for inspiration? Some designers have epic Pinterest  boards, or search popular sites like Behance, Designspiration and Flickr. The problem with this, according to Smashing Magazine, is when taking ideas from similar mediums, there is a fine line between ‘inspired by’ and ‘copied’. So their suggestion is to look beyond design galleries, into the wide and awe-inspiring real world. Industries such as fashion, architecture, even music can help you visualize images which you can translate into your project. There are design playlists on Spotify! Did you know? Smashing Magazine has some links to said playlists. Like this one or this one.


The other morning as I was driving to school, stopped at a stoplight I looked to the sky. The rising sun hadn’t yet peaked above the horizon line, yet the colours emanating from the east were something else. The perfect gradient. The sky is an ever-changing canvas that never ceases to inspire me.

I believe it is important for us as aspiring designers and creators to keep our eyes open. Keep our childlike wonder and tap into our curiosity often. Try to look at things from another perspective. And when we have found that ‘other perspective’, look again.

Keep it real my darlings. Eyes to the sky.
xo M.

6 thoughts on “When Inspiration Hits

  1. Wow, such an insightful post you have written here. I also find it hard someday’s to try and come up with fresh and new designs or concepts to bring forward. I too often look on Pinterest and find that some of the work that I wish to create has already been created by someone else. I can’t agree more with you on recommending that we all should take a little break with trying to find inspiration online and just step outside and see what inspiration we can draw from the nature that surrounds us. Almost every day in the Summer I sit outside and watch the sunset and feel thankful for the day I just had ( along with admiring the intense colours!)

    • Hey Taylor! Thanks for the comment! It warms my heart picturing you out there watching sunsets, appreciating the beauty. I really think the world has so much to offer and we are so busy these day with our own agendas that we do forget to “stop and smell the roses”. It’s nice to have reminders, and to be able to appreciate and notice the little things. I think it will make us happier people, and in turn, better designers. xo M.

  2. This is beautiful, feels comforting, relaxed and it’s sweet. Small things matter the most. We are all so caught up in our own world that we don’t notice the beautiful things in life. The more we take time to look around, we see more than what we realize. I didn’t know that there is music that can help visual design, that is very interesting.I’ll have to have a listen. I really like the photo, the silhouette of the woman is very aesthetic and the feature image is beautiful. I can relate to the sky and seeing the perfect gradient. I am always inspired by the sky. This inspiring blog inspires me 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment, Joiri! I am happy to hear that you feel inspired by reading my blog. 🙂 And the music thing… was a surprise to me as well! But is makes sense, we are affected by music constantly, whether it’s our moods or our design! Keep noticing the small things, and good luck in your creative journey. xo M.

  3. I really enjoyed reading your blog, it’s very poetic. Also, I didn’t know there were design playlists, but it makes cense because I do find inspiration while listening to the music I like sometimes. This blog has inspired me to draw and create more whenever I get the time, thank you!

    • Thanks Diego! I’m happy to hear that you are inspired to draw more. You are so talented. Keep it up! xo M

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