What To Expect Term 1 of Interactive Media Arts

Term one of the Interactive Media Arts Program, for the Interactive specialization, is full of new and exciting challenges to face.


In your design classes you will learn how to use Photoshop to edit Photos from the web, as well as your own images. You will learn how to use DSLR cameras to capture RAW images to use in Photoshop. You will use Illustrator to create icons, logos and illustrations. In InDesign you will put together mock-ups for things like magazines and pamphlets. And lastly you will learn to create motion graphics in AfterEffects. In the end you will use all of these programs to make some pretty cool creations!


In your coding classes you will use Sublime Text to create websites for assignments. The first thing you will learn is html, which is where you insert all the desired content for your website. Then you will learn CSS or Cascading Style Sheets which allows you to design and stylize your website.


For your video classes you will be taught to use DSLR cameras and tripods to capture footage. This footage will then be edited through PremierePro and turned into a finished piece with audio.  You will learn how to capture footage of landscapes and nature as well as footage for interviews and the interview itself.


In your audio class you will learn how to edit songs, voice recordings, and more with Audition. You will also learn how to use different recording devices, about different kinds of microphones and their uses, and about the different cords that you will need/ use. You will also learn about sound design and it’s elements.


In your communications course you will go through art history and explore how design has come to be. You will learn to inspire yourself to provoke ideas and then to narrow down and hone them to create solid designs.


In your writing classes you will learn to write feature stories, about advertising, how to write professional emails, and even re-visit basic grammar and writing skills.


Your first term will be lots of fun. Sometimes the workload will feel like a lot but your instructors work great with you and each other to ensure that we all succeed. So get creating!