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What to Expect from Digital Audio in IMA.

One of the more unique and interesting courses in the IMA course is the class called Digital Audio. This class takes the students into the world of audio design and editing, and introduces them to the tools and programs that are often used in the field.

A big portion of the class will be spent learning the basics of Adobe Audition CC. Adobe Audition is an audio-editing software that allows audio files to be imported and placed on separate “tracks” or layers, and make modifications to each individually. Students take several weeks to learn how to import, convert, edit, create, and record audio, and then export it to different required file formats in order to submit. This also includes cleaning up distorted or messy audio files, re-mixing music tracks, and even making radio commercials using voice-actors and sound effects.

Recording audio in itself is also a large portion of the class, as time is taken to practice setting up audio recording devices and audio interfaces, making microphone and cable adjustments, and ensuring the proper levels and ambiance of sound is taken into consideration. Groups also get together to record audio and then later transform it into unique stories or interesting sequences, with proper recording techniques always being considered.

Students can expect to be working in Adobe Audition a great deal of time, and by the end should have a good grasp of audio editing and acquisition. They will also be expected to hand in their work in Google Classroom as clean audio files, collect and organize all assets used in their audio files, and make good use of the spaces, locations and people around them.

No prior knowledge of any audio software or practices is required for this class, and learning opportunities are presented to students quite often during their recording and editing sessions.

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  1. Hi Cameron, thank you for posting this blog post on Digital Audio. This was a well informative and very direct post related to what we learnt in the audio class last term. I think that the post could have used maybe one or two links that maybe would help a viewer or reader of this post a little more involved and interactive. Other than that, I feel like I really connected to the topic and I also think that if anyone who has used the Adobe Audition will also be able to connect to it as well. Thanks again for another post.

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