What is Interactive Development?

Well that is a loaded question. What is so interactive about development? When we think about development we think about the process of how something comes to be, well I do anyways. But let me develop a picture for you to give you an idea of what it’s about.


Honestly, we all use or look at interactive design everyday. To sound super fancy, according to Wikipedia, “Interactive design is defined as a user- oriented field of study that focuses on meaningful communication of media through cyclical and collaborative processes between people and technology”. So… basically look at your phone, what does it look like?


Holding a celphone

More specifically, what do your icons look like? Fonts? What functions does it do when you tap or swipe the screen? How easy is it for you to use? These are all functions created through interactive design or “a cyclical and collaborative process between people and technology”… ok Wikipedia.


Interactive Development is the process of making all this happen. This is also in relation to websites and software. Do you play video games? All those functions in that video game came from some form of interactive development. Wouldn’t it be cool to create some form of interactive development?




“But Jazz, how do I get into this field of work?”, you ask? Well that’s easy. Assiniboine Community College has two great programs that can get your foot in the door. Interactive Media Arts – Media studies will teach you all things media. Interactive Media Arts – Interactive studies will teach you everything you need to know about web design and the creative process behind making things pretty, and accessible of course.  


So now that you know  what interactive development is all bout, take a look at a lot of day to day things you use, websites you look at, games you play, and think about how this all came to be and the process behind it all.  Next week I’ll be taking a deeper look into specific key elements of interactive design and development. Lets be interactive and give me a comment below to let me know what else you would like to know in regards to design. 

One thought on “What is Interactive Development?

  1. Hey, I appreciate the engagement of this piece, the questions that would be expected to come up in one’s mind. Even the poking fun at Wikipedia. Though if looking for a more serious feel maybe look at a different site. There are some grammar errors or at least they seem so to me,
    When you use “Well” it makes sense to me to put a comma in front of it like “Well,”. Also the line “Interactive Development is the process of making all this happen.” would it be more like “making all of this happen”?
    All in all, I found this rather enjoyable and look forward for more.

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