What I have learned about media?

Over this course, I have learned a lot more than I thought…

I had a wonderful time in this first year. Made so many new friends, learned so much. Not just about the college, but about them as well. I am going to express what I have learned this past year of the simple ins and outs of what we see on our TV or our cellphones. This year I have learned that the stuff we see requires a lot of pre production work and editing, with the added factor of everyone needs to work as a team when it comes to a big project. These are the the generalized necessities of the typical tech crew. For the people who are on air, this portion requires good people skills and to have ability to adapt to changes last second. All of these require team work, something I’ve learned to have to deal with, not that I don’t like to work in a team, but the others.

What I mean by the others is that in every production, whatever it might be. Theres always this type of person and this type of person. The “Person” could be more than one thing, in every production there is one person who knows what to do and how to do I all, while there is ones who are a bit behind. In my opinion, the best way to get stuff done is to have a well rounded team. And I mean by well rounded is that there is a little bit of everything involved, such as a few people who are learning and a few people who are a tad more experienced.

In my observations, this year I seen so much growth among the ones who came in a bit unsure. What I mean by unsure, is that people have came in, and they were very unsure on what they were doing at first, then as time went on, everyone has became a little more experienced and a little more advanced in their choices. I, myself, came in and was only know stuff about audio, but now, I know almost everything about, okay, maybe that sounds a bit too high of myself. But I really have learned a lot while I was in the first year of this course. Next year, I will learn and focus on what I really want to do, whether it be a radio host or a news camera man.


In the end, I realized what I had learned is that even if we come in negative and partly uneducated, we must remember, there will always be people to help and allow you to grow and advance.