What does the impact of media have on me?

How has media and technologies affected me?Over the years I, myself have been fairly open about media and tech advancements. Yet, over the last few months. I have noticed many issues arise with the advancements. Lets look at a cyber point of view, in the past few years I had lost at least 3 friends to issues that involve social media. This has all began with what they had posted, stated or even shared on social sites. The one case involved the stuff they had. The friends had the IPhone 5 when it just came out. Lets say “He”. He was a kid from my past that had moved away yet we kept tabs together. Around that time he was just getting into a social aspect, so he would have been around 14. Later I found out he was being harassed for not having a phone because his family couldn’t afford the plans. Later in that year I found out he had committed suicide leaving a note saying ( Not word for word ) but simply stated, “Don’t Judge other for what they do or do not have, your stupid words do more damage than you think”. After I heard of his passing I was wondering about the phone situation. I had one myself, I use it like every other teen/adult, but every time I look at it I’m a little hurt. Simply because peoples lives can end for others own stupid entertainment. Or for someone’s egotistical nature to ruin someone else’s confidence to the point in which they do something drastic.


Essentially, media and tech have a big impact on my life and others. Broadcast media effects me, for it shows stories where people have been directly assaulted or insulted with some sort of online tech Or a action orientated with tech and media, such a cyber bulling and “false accusations”. Which reflects towards me little by little. I feel that with media advancing, so should we,  go past the stupid undervaluing of other people and what they have. Humans have a instinct to have what media and celebrities have. So they reflect that type of personality to other people. Or maybe I’m just being pessimistic about it all and maybe the impact of media is changing the face of media and tech. All I know is that with media and tech growing. More issues will rise and disappear.

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  1. I have been involved with social media for 5 to 6 years and trust me I have been in his position. The only difference was I did not let it get into my head, and I’m not saying that this was a good thing and I feel bad for your friend. But I once mistakenly read an article online about sexual harassment and voiced out my opinion to the public, because for once I knew that I was doing the right thing. The next morning I got so many notifications on my phone from random people that I have never herd or even knew that they existed in the first place, saying that I was a “clueless child who doesn’t know what’s happening around her”. But I questioned myself, do these people even know my story? They don’t even have a clue, they were just reading all my posts and tweets and they thought that I was already clueless. This past years I thought that the media has changed but it hasn’t. People are still getting bullied or accused of something that they may have posted or tweeted out to the public. I have read a lot of stories about people who were or still are being cyber-bullied. These cyber bullies only know what they see online especially if you are really public and open about your opinions, and in their tiny cyber bullying world every thing is an entertainment if the words that they typed out got into their preys head.

  2. I agree with your evaluation of one aspect social media has on humanity. There are definitely upsides and downsides to any medium and cyber bullying is of course a huge problematic outcome from social media. This type of bullying is just one aspect of malevolence that the human race is capable of inflicting unto each other. My condolences to your friend, he was a victim of an indigent living, which is unfortunately a catalyst for bullying and harassment. My opinion is that, you must not believe everything you view on social media. One has to have a certain level of critical thinking to properly be a useful asset in the Social Media algorithm. However, the internet is rampant with fake news, fake articles, fake persona’s, and fake views just to inflate hysteria and conversation amidst the public. To combat this, take time to read multiple sources of an article and learn to articulate one’s self when discussing an issue. Those that can articulate themselves well enough in an argument will have no trouble maneuvering the wretched waters of social media.

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