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What Do Icon Design’s Require To Be Successful?

3 quick easy ways that will help you create functional and practical icons. Icons are used anywhere and everywhere to describe visually or physically what the item, object, etc. you are trying to display. Ways that can be accomplished is through the ‘Thought’ process, ‘Design’ process, and the ‘Execution’ process.


Before you even start designing an icon or illustration, you should first start off by sketching your thoughts down on a paper. Doing this will help you pick a good idea for an icon or illustration with more than one visual at hand. When you have the idea that you or your ‘Client’ has picked that you or he/she likes, you can start the design phase of the Icon or illustration design.


This part of the process is the next important as you will need the idea that you or the ‘Client’ has chosen. Take the design into your preferred editing app of choice to start off the icon or illustration process. Icons them selves have different stages to them on their own. Part 1 would be if you making a basic, structured, complex, or literal icon. Basic icons consist of circles, triangles, squares, etc. Structured icons are made up of different shapes that make another larger or smaller icon by cutting them into regular or irregular shapes. Complex icons use the basic and structured steps to make a self sustained icon on its own. With that being said, a complex icon can use dead / negative space to make another shape inside or outside of it such as letters. Literal icons are created by shapes, letters or other icons to create a well known object, picture, or shape that society will recognize right off the hop.


In this step, you will need to think of how you are going to let the public, supplier, buyer see your product. When you have a consumer in mind, you will want to display your item/product on either posters, billboards, ads, etc. When you have your idea of the execution in play, you will have to just let the public decide if they will like it or not.