Wasteland, Baby! – First Impression Review

This is my first impression review of Wasteland, Baby!”, Hozier’s Newest Album. I really liked his Self Titled album a lot, it was very powerful and I have high expectations for this album.


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Source: https://hozier.com/wasteland-baby-1st-march-2019/

Nina Cried Power ( feat. Mavis Staples ) – Right from the beginning there are hints at a build to the chorus, very drum heavy with a nice intro of piano and bass. I think the Pre-chorus build is exactly what the beginning hinted at. Beautiful use of choral harmonies. Easy to bop to. Great use of start and stops. Voices compliment each other really nicely. I like the reduction to clapping and bass in the bridge. Nice Growl in voice.

Almost (Sweet Music) – Starts with a very warm guitar tone. I like the use of snapping and bass drum. I feel like this song would be really nice for a sunset cruise. Really boppy. The simplicity in the instrumental is relaxing. Really great movement between the verses and chorus. Again nice use of choral harmonies, suites his tone very well. The kick drives the song along quite nicely. I like the hint of the tambourine as well.

Movement – Loving the intro, feels very vibey. Has a sensual tone to it, which is common in his music. This track is more vocal focused. I love the angelic piano tone. Lovely use of clapping in the background. This is a more vocally demanding song so far, as well as a hint of choral harmonies again. The build at the bridge is really driving the song forward. I love the little drum solo. Great ending with the harmonies.

No Plan – I really like the bright sound of the guitar and then the heavier distortion of the bass and the impactful drums. Really makes you want to bob your head. He really uses stops and starts to his advantage. More of a chill sound to it, I could definitely picture driving down a highway in the summer to this. The small little hint of the bright keys is a really nice contrast to the heavy bass. The vocals were more chill and the harmonies are a little more subtle in this one.

Nobody – Very drum focused at the start, then a nice transition to guitar. I really like his use of clapping as a percussion element. Those vocal and drum hits are a really pleasant surprise. All over chill vibe.

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