VR in the industries

Hey there everyone It’s your favourite blogger Connor here hope you all enjoyed my last blog about my favourite course ever, but now we’re onto this weeks topic, VR in the design industry.


There are many companies and other organizations who have incorporated VR into their everyday operations and the way they interact with their their equipment, Militaries and their different branches have adopted VR for training their service men and from there it allows them to further specialize and train without risking billions of dollars in equipment and their own lives. Design companies also benefit heavily from the VR technology as it allows their designers to actually step into the landscapes they create and see from a better perspective and with the use of VR interaction technology such as interactive gloves or like the HTC vive which has paddles which allow you to move objects round and interact with their environments.


Then way VR can impact so many business and organizations is near endless, such as with automotive companies allowing for smaller training shops which allow the recruits train in smaller areas and allow them to have a dedicated Vr training space. And for hardware showcases as you can simply prepare a simulation for the prospective buyers to simply strap on a pair of goggles and see the product and from there they can interact with it and see the specs and intended uses and how it can be used and implemented, without the need of having to leave a boardroom or having to possibly move in a possibly fragile prototype that could be broke if dropped or touched by curious buyers. The use of Vr in the medical industry is also a very lucrative option as it would allow for trainees to operate on and train on people without the need for cadavers which can be in short supply and not have to rely on classroom knowledge when they may be in a life threatening situation.


I hope you have all enjoyed this blog and look forward to next week’s blog and i’ll make sure it stays fresh, peace my readers.