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Virtual Reality (Part 3 of 3)

About this blog.

Oh, Hey there! Have you checked out the previous blogs of this series? I sure hope so. If you haven’t click here for part 1 and click here for part 2. Make sure to check them about before going on ahead and reading this last part of the series!

In this blog I would like for you to join me in a thrilling ride and spend sometime… maybe awhile (if you’re really picky about where things should go), wondering if that piece of furniture would look better here or over there. Alright, lets get busy!

Visualizing a home or building before its built and furnished

Ok so, I don’t know about you but I’m very picky about things, food, what to buy, where things are placed, so visualizing a home and furnishing it. You bet I will take awhile, moving each furniture inch by inch to get it to the prefect spot. Visualizing a home before it’s even furnished and actually seeing what the furniture looks like with your home helps save money, and avoid the mistake of buying the wrong furniture. Overall I think that with VR, actually seeing what things will look like would help so much about making decisions before the decision is made.

Now done with the boring stuff, hop on in and join me for the thrilling ride.

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Roller coasters!

Before I begin you guys should check this video and this video because… they’re neat and they’re basically what i’m gonna be talking about? First of all this sounds way  more expensive than the usual riding a roller coaster. If you’ve seen the first video on this paragraph, that reliefs the fear of the roller coaster falling apart, you know? loose bolts, unbuckled seat belts, and freak accidents, scary. You just jump on that chair and it’ll stay on the ground and rock you to the flow of the ride. The second video of the paragraph is basically going on your usual roller coaster ride but with enhancements, you’re being taken to a much different place, maybe under water or outer space. I’d like to try that roller coaster ride on the second video.

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This concludes this 3 part series about things you can do with Virtual Reality! Fun, right? Hey, if you like these types of blogs maybe I’ll make it into a podcast, no more reading!

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  1. After reading all the 3 parts of your blogs I can say that I have learn more about the virtual reality. I really enjoy reading all the 3 parts. It is written in a casual and semi formal way that makes me connect to the works and understand even better. I like that you have putting images with the links. Also, in the second blog I had fun playing the game that you have suggest. I have fun reading the tricks and tips of each blog. I like that u have using links for videos in youtube to see the experience of another person. The series where interesting and I will like to read more blogs of you with your personal experience.

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