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Virtual Reality (Part 2 of 3)

About this blog.

Welcome, reader! I would assume that you are here because you have read my previous blog of this series, if you haven’t go read it (click here)!

In this blog I will be taking you on an adventure to experience the past and the future! First up, to the past! Put your helmets on, we are going to war!

 Flying a Virtual World War II Fighting Plane!

Ever wonder what its like to fly a WWII fighter plane? If not well now you can start wondering about it. BUT, you don’t have to wonder too much because you can experience it with the power of VR! With the right hardware and an Oculus Rift you can go ahead and start destroying other fighter planes! Right hardware? First off you can download War Thunder, this game supports VR gameplay, you may also want to buy a joystick to make it more like you are flying the plane. Another great addition to you flying experience would be a chair that moves and follows the rocking of the plane tilting to the left and to the right, but I don’t think this type of hardware is available at the moment. It would be possible to build one, but you better have some cash in the bank because things don’t come cheap these days! Tired of sitting down? Get up and dive into action… literally.

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Life-like Shooter Games!

Dive to make a cool entrance, dive to get to safety, dive right into this amazing VR experience of life-like shooter games. Now you really don’t want to dive physically but hey, I wont judge. VR has enabled us to do so many things but this is the one I would love to do the most, shooting at other people, and avoiding the dangers of getting killed when shot. Bullet Train allows you to become a hero, against hooligans in a train station. This game gives amazing experience because, you would be able to feel the recoil of guns and you would have to make a motion of throwing to throw your grenade, so realistic. Also the fact that you’re shooting at hooligans, A+.

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Be sure to tune in for my next blog for it will be a roller coaster of information. For instance, ever wonder what that Persian rug would look like before you buy it.

2 thoughts on “Virtual Reality (Part 2 of 3)

  1. Awesome intro! I love that you linked to your previous post before throwing in your hook.

    I really enjoyed the personality you added to your writing, I got a strong sense of you.

    I noticed a couple grammatical errors throughout your blog, nothing that makes your piece confusing or ruins it, but present. I also noticed a couple run on sentences that could be adjusted into separate thoughts.

    Overall I really enjoyed reading this, it pushed my want of getting a VR system up a notch!

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