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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. What’s the Difference? Part 1 of 3

Hello friends and welcome to this months topic! In this 3 part series we will be looking at; the differences between Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), what each can do, why it matters, and personal speculation on the future of each technology. So please, move your seats into the upright position, fasten your seat belts, and enjoy this perception breaking ride of information!

What’s the Difference?

While the names suggest a common connection in dealing with reality, how they influence our perception of reality is very different. One is a replacement while the other is an enhancement.

Virtual Reality is achieved through the rendering of 3D objects on a pair of goggles that cover you eyes. Effectively transporting you to whatever environment or scenario you have chosen. An example of this is the growing trend to use VR as job training. Whether that be surgery for a doctor, flight simulations for a pilot, or other delicate jobs that require excessive and expensive training to become certified.

Pilot VR training

Augmented Reality on the other hand is an enhancement of the environment around us. Instead of replacing our environment, it adds objects and elements into it. The most prominent example of this would be the smash hit Pokemon Go. Through your cellphone camera you would be able to see various creatures from the world of Pokemon inhabiting our own, waiting to be captured and interacted with. Interaction being a key phrase here. It is my belief that the future of AR will be heavily influenced by interactability and creativity.

Pokemon Go AR

Be sure to check in for part 2 of this 3 part series! On the next entry we will be diving deeper into Virtual Reality. Swimming through the waters of current capabilities, traversing the marshes of origins, and flying over the mountains of potential.

Until then!

3 thoughts on “Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. What’s the Difference? Part 1 of 3

  1. Thank you for this piece. I really enjoyed reading about the differences between AR and VR. It was very informative and easy to read. The structure was really nice and pleasing as a reader. It is cool to see they are able to do VR job training. I’ve never tried virtual reality before, but I have heard it is a little glitchy. Despite what I have heard I would like to try it out. Now Augmented Reality I believe is the more diverse of the two. With more possibilities than Virtual Reality. The future of AR is bright as it will be able to reach a wider audience than VR. With all that said, this was a great blog that i”ll continue to read.

  2. I really enjoyed your first blog post of the series. I really enjoyed the fact that it had a great introduction, making me want to read more because of the very informative start and very thrilling last sentence. Though the content would have been more enjoyable if you had the same energy from the last sentence of your introduction into different areas of the blog. I also liked the video you have linked in your blog, it gave me more ideas about what kind of person wrote this blog, one with a great sense of humour. The conclusion made me wished that the second part of the series was out so I can just keep reading. Also wishing this series of blog would never end, but the end is inevitable.

  3. I really liked this! I love VR and Augmented reality and what its applications can be in the world not just for gaming but for the uses it has for in the industry such as training for jobs that require large amounts of precise work such as military operators or surgeons. I cant wait for the next parts!

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