Video Game Classics

Have you ever played a game that was just so good. So good you still play it every once and awhile. Maybe you play it a lot. There are some games that are just so darn good that they’re basically a classic. But, what makes them a classic.

One game I can always count on for hours of fun is Golden-eye 007 for the Nintendo 64. Sure the graphics aren’t up to today’s standards. Aside from that there is so much replay-ability value. The levels are designed well and the controls are pretty good too. The amount of times that I’ve booted up the old 64 just to play it, is countless.

If you look at what makes a game a classic is how much fun you had playing it and how many times you went crawling back to it. Games with a lot of content, and good game design are attractive for a long time. Sure graphics can be amazing , but without good design or thought , they really do not matter. Even Mario has had some major hits. The color palettes and the characters , and the game-play always brings back a lot of fans. Fans who will always stand by Super Mario Bro’s. I know I will .They just stand the test of time , because they were designed well and fun to play. Design is so important in video games.Good design is the difference in whether people will actually want to play your game or just chuck it in the garbage.

Some games have even made me want to play them twice , or send me on a wild goose chase just to find a copy of them. If you have ever played Commander Keen , good on you ! If not , Commander Keen is a plat former where you travel around as a little astronaut who has crash-landed on some alien planet. Sounds simple enough, it did have its difficulties.But if i could get my hands on that it would be a dream come true. The colors they used , the level design, and the replay-ability always kept me coming back for more, which by my standards makes it a classic.

Classics are games that keep you coming back for more and more over the years.

Are there any games that you would consider to be a classic ? Any games that you’ll always go back to ?  Let me know in the comments below.

One thought on “Video Game Classics

  1. Yes. There is quite a few I would love to play again, most of them being NES games and then Gameboy. My personal favorites is the Kirby series and my all time favorite is the Metroid series. Although that series died a long time ago, and they tried reviving it recently, that just made it plummet even more. I would love to just sit down and play through everything again.

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