Uber Plans to Launch its First Flying Cars in 2023

Flying cars are no longer a science fiction dream but becoming a reality after a full-size model of the Bell Nexus air taxi was showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 in Las Vegas.

Bell was one of the first aircraft manufacturers that started collaborating with Uber in 2017 after they released their plan to reduce city traffic by creating a city based flying taxi systems. Ever since they’ve been working on their design until they recently showcased their first concept. The concept uses six tilted propellers to aid in vertical takeoffs and landings. Inside there are four passenger seats and a pilot seat with a screen that projects their flying path. While the concept model may be non functional, a real one is reportedly in the making at Bell headquarters in Texas. Uber has said to roll out it’s air vehicles by 2023 in certain cities.

“This technology is intriguing and it seems it’s finally going to arrive in our lifetime,” said Karl Brauer the executive publisher of Cox Automotive.

To catch a glimpse of what it will be like to be a future passenger of a flying car a VR (Virtual Reality) simulator was made which allows them to pilot the concept.

While the vehicle may be able to fly in the near future, the legal obstacles when it comes to small flying machines are arguably the more difficult challenge than mastering the technology according to Brauer.

Uber predicts a promising future showing how it’s ambitions could make longer commutes more economical. For example, statistics say a commute to San Francisco to San Hose could take 2 hours during rush hour and cost up to $111, according to Uber’s forecast that commute would be cut down to 15 minutes by air. The route would initially cost $129 but overtime will drop to $43 in the near term and down to $20 in the long term.

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  1. Flying cars have always been an idea of the “future”. A concern would be where the cars are flown and who is flying them. If someone has a driver’s license it might not necessarily mean that they have the skills to drive a flying car. There will be less of a division between the regular motor vehicle and planes. It will be interesting to see how they make the cars eco-friendly as that is now a concern. Many countries, commonly European countries, are moving to an electric approach. Not only will we be able to enjoy the luxury of flying in a car but also a planet that is less polluted.

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