Top 5 Design Trends for 2018

As designers, we all have certain styles we love, and once we find our own signature style, we tend not to stray too far from our comfort zone. But staying in one place for long, my friends, is not so comfortable after a while. You may start to feel left behind, or obsolete in certain areas. Interactive design is constantly changing, and as this new year starts, we are all probably looking for inspiration and new avenues to explore. There is no longer any excuse for not creating user friendly, interactive and visually stunning websites. So here are some insider tips from Digital Synopsis and 99 Designs on trends to start incorporating into your work now.

1. Bold Typography / Intersecting Elements

With web coding technology so far advanced these days, it is easy to use more than just the basic web fonts. Custom fonts are very widely used on many websites now, creating strong visual tones for your page and to help portray the overall feeling of your site. Now start playing around with these fonts and types – break them up in different ways and use intersecting elements of type and graphics to create interest.

2. Vibrant Colours / Duotone

Many large companies, such as Spotify, have pushed trends such as duotone to the spotlight. A trend that started last year and will continue on into 2018. Vibrant tones online are breaking out of those web safe colours. Technology is allowing us to use thousands of colours, so why not take advantage. Bright colours are sure to attract attention.

3. Split Page / Asymmetrical Layouts

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Grids are made to be broken in 2018. Splitting your page and grid layouts to create asymmetrical sections on your page is distinct and unconventional, and will set your site apart from traditional sites. It’s risky for certain markets or brands, but very striking when pulled off correctly.

4. Custom Retro-Modern Illustrations

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Gone are the days of clip art. Trending now are simple, line images, which combines sleek, modern lines with retro colour schemes to keep things playful and friendly. Customizable to fit any concept or business.

5. Thoughtful / Interactive Animations

Animations have come a long way and in 2018 will focus more on intentional movements and directions. Signalling interactive content to engage users, helping them move through your site with ease and purpose.

Now give it a go! Explore! Create! Be wild and free my dears.

xo M.

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Design Trends for 2018

  1. This is really interesting. I wouldn’t have thought that asymmetry would be something that becomes a trend in design. I really enjoy how you ended it. It almost reminds me a little bit of Gossip girl and how the episodes ended in the same way. I might even design the same way as you suggested.

    • Hi LaneyOtaku,
      Thanks for reading my post and commenting! Yes, asymmetry isn’t something we automatically think of when designing, but it is definitely attention grabbing, and more interesting than a precisely balanced site. I’m glad you feel inspired to use some of these ideas, and hope you have fun exploring and testing. Can’t wait to see your work! xo M.

  2. This is a really good article with high quality knowledge. I just realized that nowadays most people is prefer seeing the images or video instead of reading the bored text. On the other hand more and more non-profession people join in to adjust their images or videos by them own, so how to stand out and distinguishing the differences between designer works and fans work is important, I would like to read more in your blogs to find out more .

    • Hi Moyin,
      Thanks for your comments! Yes, it’s all about first impressions these days. Grabbing attention with images, colours and layouts. Custom work being of high value as well. Thanks for reading! xo M.

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