Too Much Information

Dear those who like to overshare on social media,

Oversharing has long dominated all the websites  that traffic our personal essays, Facebook Statuses, Twitter threads and even Instagram posts. You may not realize that you are doing it but from all of us who know way to much about you through the other side of the screen: please stop

Social Media is made to devise the further information and assist us with our social networking through the internet, is not meant to be our online diary or posting pictures of you doing something crazy. I know you want other people to see what you are doing or maybe you’re just posting this for your memories but you have to realize that what you’re doing is TOO MUCH for us to handle. So, if you think you maybe guilty, please read on. I’m not trying to be a cold- hearted person who doesn’t really post a lot on my social media, trust me I am one of you. I tweet a lot about my problems, how my day has been and even how this person pissed me off, so yeah I overshare too. But can it provide a long-lasting, deep connection with people? Some will, some won’t most people agree or even value their opinion on the said post or maybe they just like seeing that you’re having fun and making memories.

But what happened to personal space and privacy? Being paranoid or anxious that someone will post this photo of you doing something crazy  last six years ago or meeting someone online who already knows a lot about you, because they have been following your posts since Day 1. Some people are really careful with what they post online and sometimes they are just aware that the people online are little robots who just wants to know a lot about you which is kind of creepy. But most likely it is actually pretty rare to find people who accept or understand you fully for who you are and vice versa. Now, when people are in pain, it is understandable that they want to reach out and let everyone know how upset they are. But something you’ll learn in the long run, the only person that can help you, is you. 

But all in all this doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to overshare, it simply means that if you do, you shouldn’t expect a pleasant or even positive reaction from those people. So if you’ve made it this far without denying that this could be you, I have one more piece of advice “next time you’re about to press “POST”, think twice. 


Sincerely, The Rest of The World.