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Tips to Help You on Your Next Brainstorm

You know that feeling you get when you’re starting a new project and you have too many ideas in your brain? Well my friend, you’re not alone. Staring at a blank canvas with ideas running through my brain have created many brainstorms in my life, and the reason they’re called that is because they can get very chaotic. Which is why today I will share some tips that I’ve picked up that help me tame the storm.

Be messy

Sketch, sketch, sketch! Personally, I need to get those ideas out of my head as fast as possible, to stop them from swirling around and messing everything up in there. It’s much better to put that mess outside, I say mess because my sketches are not the prettiest things you will ever see. That is because I need to get them out before I forget them and I can’t be bothered with tidiness. So don’t be afraid to get messy, and remember quick sketches are all you need to reach your goal.


The first idea can be the best one, sometimes

In the past I thought that my first idea could never be the chosen one. However, I slowly realized that sometimes it’s okay to go through with the first thing that pops into my brain. Therefore, don’t be afraid of this idea. To ensure that it’s indeed the best, continue to come up with different ones and try to distance yourself from it, if you’re still pull back to it in the end then you know that it is.


Accept random ideas

You know those ideas that just feel like they will never make it to a final design phase? Well you’re right, they won’t. However, what they may do is lead you to a new cluster of ideas, ones that you may not have even thought about before. It’s like that saying, “any idea is a good idea.” which may not be completely true, since I have ran across a landfill of really bad ideas. However, another way to spin this is by accepting that all your ideas are a stepping block to your best idea and therefore necessary.


I hope these tips helped so that you can apply them in the future. My final piece of advice is to stop reading and get back to designing. Now go get those ideas out, let’s go!

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