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There is this amazing thing called satellite radio. It is different than public radio because instead of transmitting on radio waves it is transmitted from a satellite, which means you can get it anywhere in the world. This makes it somewhat like a podcast that plays copyrighted music.

The different stations are made for very niche groups. One of my favorite stations is called Ozzy’s Boneyard. Now, I love this station because I love Ozzy Osbourne. Instead of needing the radio station to be able to appeal to all people in the area, all they need to appeal to is their direct demographic. Now you can see how this would make it just that much more popular. Instead of tuning into your hometown radio who may play some of your favorite songs, and then some of your disliked songs. Now you get to choose a station that is going to be playing your favorite genre, favorite artists, and it is without ads. And I promise I am not being sponsored by them.

Ranker has taken the most popular stations and gotten the public to vote on their favorites. In the number one spot, it is Classic Rewind. They play classic rock from the 70s and 80s. Which totally makes sense that they are in the top spot because there are so many public radio stations that are focused on popular music. Which people going to another place to get their fill of rock music.

When I moved to Brandon the first thing, I realized was the lack of rock radio stations. When I lived in Portage, I could still pick up Winnipeg stations, and it is a capital city so they have a lot of variety. But now the only station I can listen to for some good classic rock is BOB FM. Now don’t get me wrong they are not bad, but they have this problem with playing the same songs every day, sometimes more than once! So, getting satellite radio was one of my best decisions. The only downside I can think of is that you must pay for it, but for the quality of the content, it is easily worth it.

4 thoughts on “This is Satellite Radio

  1. As a fellow metal head in the community of Brandon, I really sympathize with the situation of not having good radio music too listen too. I didn’t even really know a lot about how satellite radio works, but I think its great as it supports freedom of speech for people like Ozzy, who would probably get kicked off radio pretty fast haha. I usually use the radio stations on Itunes since I don’t pay for satellite radio to listen to stations that cater to my genre needs, but I definitely have to listen to Ozzy now, I didn’t even know he had a show.

  2. I also enjoy satellite radio. It puts two things I love, podcasts and niche curation of music, all in one. The main station I listen to is Octane Hosted by Jose Mangin. He tends to have lots of funny banter and stories, plus his voice is so stereotypical of a metalhead that it’s hilarious. It also features lots of good metal/rock songs that I really like and don’t usually download or listen to on Spotify.

    I first got into satellite radio when I live in Northern Ontario because I lived in the middle of nowhere and sometimes listening to strictly podcasts or music is just not enough. There are so many options on Satellite Radio than there are on regular radio. You can choose any genre from all over the world and I like having people choose what I am listening to for me because I tend to get into musical ruts where I listen to the same things over and over again. Satellite radio is a good way to find new music in specific genres. It has a little something for everybody. The only thing I wish is that the subscription would be a little cheaper.

  3. Hi Alexa,
    I like your blog very much, i learned something new about satelite radio, pod casts and you, i do agree with what you said about them not playing a lot of rock music, even though it may not seem like it, i love rock music as well, (I love all music actually) .

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