The Wonders of Adobe After Effects

In the world of Graphic Design there are many very exciting frontiers, and one of those is creating motion graphics!

What are motion graphics?

Motion graphics are exactly what they sound like, they are graphics that move. There are many different programs available for creating stunning motion graphics, and today I will be talking about the Adobe Creative Suit program called After Effects.

After Effects is an essential tool for creating motion graphics.  Now not every graphic designer will be going into this field, but anyone who is interested in the film industry should have at least some knowledge of the After Effects program. After Effects can be used in many different situations.

  • Creating title scenes for films.
  • Creating motion graphics for web design.
  • Creating and adding special effects into videos.
  • 2d animations.
  • Composting different video elements together.

There are many many other things After Effects can do, especially if you get into using plugins.

Plugins are third party scripts that enhance the different things After Effects can do, and there are Hundreds of them. Depending on what you want to do with your After Effects project  there is most likely a plugin for you if you need it. A few of the most common plugins include.

  • Plexus 3 – Creates a cool dots and lines effect turning images into a vintage computer look.
  • Duik – Creates a bone structure for animating human movements.
  • Sabre – is a lighting effect plugin and can create things like lightsaber effects.
  • PQ FUI TOYS 2 – Creates unique UI graphics.

Now even though After Effects is only a small part of what graphic designers do, it is always a good thing to know. Graphic designers have many jobs they can do, and the more you can do the more successful you will be in your career and After Effects is a great tool to have.



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2 thoughts on “The Wonders of Adobe After Effects

  1. I think After Effects is a great tool for people to be learning in today’s industry. It has a lot of commercial use of course with movies or shows, but you can also see it being used in more common places like YouTube or Twitch. A lot of the intro sequences or loading screens are done with After Effects or something similar. The market is definitely in demand for those kinds of skills and I think we, as graphic designers, should be looking into, not just commercial uses, but personal ones as well. Cool topic! I also like that picture.

  2. I think this was a good topic to explore and I think you did it well. I like that you made a list of different situations where After Effects would be a good tool to use. I found the use of plugins very interesting because I had never heard of them before. I like that you name a few and give examples of what they would be useful for. You’re tone throughout the blog was very casual but informative which makes it easy to read and comprehend. Overall, I think it’s a good basic overview of After Effects and the uses it has for graphic designers!

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