The Ouya and why it failed

On July 10th 2012, Team Ouya (pronounced Ooh-ya) started a kickstarter in hopes to fund their open source gaming console. This project hyped itself up with people calling it the next ‘big console’. Five years later and Ouya is no where to be seen amongst the console lineup. What happened to the console? even after raising over 8 million dollars it basically vanished. The “innovative” console failed horribly, but why?

The console claimed to ‘welcome’ hackers with opened arms, claiming that the Ouya was meant to be exploited, modified, and changed. It was advertised as a sandbox game console, where the buyers could do whatever they wanted with it. What people got was a modified android phone without the actual phone elements. people just saw it as, well, garbage. The only thing it could really do well was play iphone and android games, which obviously didn’t look all that appealing on the big screen.

Although Ouya was advertised as a smart phone game emulator, no one could have expected the lack of selection. With a very small amount of games available at launch, customers felt ripped off. The fact that there was without a doubt thousands of games already available on smart phones at the time and there was only around 100 games available at launch left people feeling scammed.

On a more technical level the Ouya faced many bugs and operating errors on the first few weeks of launched. a vast majority of their customers couldn’t even log in to the Ouya servers when they first unboxed their new console. That is, if you even received your console. The console suffered from physical problems too. Customers claimed the Ouya’s controllers were clunky to use, awkward to hold, and had unresponsive hard to maneuver joysticks.

Although majority of the features on the Ouya were a failure, there was a few features that were still awesome. Like the ability to emulate older game consoles like the Nintendo 64, Nintendo Entertainment System, and various others.

Without a doubt the Ouya was a failure, even with an impressive funding campaign the product failed. With a failed product comes disappointed customers, which is why its always important to never pre order a product, unless you’re absolutely sure that the product is quality.