The most popular massive multiplayer online types

With the changes in the internet some people who like to play video games may want to play with lots of other people who share similar interest as them. For some people when they think of massive multiplayer online(MMO) games their mind think of the massive World of Warcraft, and there is no surprise to that because of the millions of people who still to this day are playing.

But there is more than just the mmorpg where the camera is a top down and you control by the mouse. There is also ones where you can control the character in a first person or third person with the arrow keys are the main control, example of these are Elder Scrolls Online where you have the choice between the two views.

There are also  where the setting isn’t is a medieval age with magic, but it is one the most popular considering most of the biggest mmos are set there, but the other setting that is really popular is the space age in the future. Some of the ones that are set in space or in the future are Eve online where ships can be sold of thousand of dollars, witch i mean is true if you look on there are ships sold online for real money, one of the most famous thing to happen in Eve is the battle of B-5RB   witch has been name the Bloodbath of B-5RB, because the war cost 300,000 real life dollars. Another space one is the Star Wars: The Old Republic where you got to play the sith vs the jedi, but it didn’t get enough money for people to keep playing. That is the settings you can find for MMOs

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  1. HI dave,
    Thanks for the Blog, you Brought me up to speed on what MMO means, i play MMO’s all the time!! i just didn’t know that it was called that! I think that you make a great point!
    There are a few spelling mistakes that i noticed,, and I would have liked to have some automatic links that i could have clicked on so that i could have went straight to the website.
    I like how you went into detail about the game and the comparison to real life! made me want to play the game!

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