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The Lack of Women in the Media Industry (And Why it Needs to Change)

It’s a man’s world, ladies. And we need to change that. 

As the Digital Age continues to grow, it has become quite noticeable that there is a lack of women in the industry.  According to Shubhomita Bose in her article, Only 20% of Tech Jobs are Held by Women, How About at Your Business? (INFOGRAPHIC), woman hold a small percentage in the industry while they make up more than half in the U.S workforce. So the question is why are women not interested in the Media Industry? “There are several factors that prevent women from pursuing a tech career. According to a survey, girls become interested in tech careers at age 11, but lose interest soon after. Experts believe lack of female mentors and gender inequality are some of the factors responsible for this trend. On top of everything else, gender bias is extremely prominent in the tech industry. And unwittingly, companies foster a culture that doesn’t encourage women to pursue a career in tech” (Bose, 2018).

I feel that to help combat these the lack of female presence in the industry, we need to start establishing programs in schools to incorporate a media industry-approved curriculum for those who are interested in getting hands-on experience working to industry standards. I feel it would be taking a step towards getting a balance of genders in the digital workforce. To get more females into the workforce we need to address another problem that festers our industry: Gender inequality. Gender inequality in the workforce has been a problem throughout many industries and sadly, it affects ours as well. For decades, we have been stepping away from the times when women were homemakers and companies are slowly beginning to see that women have just as much of a work ethic and talent as men.

As woman we need to break these barriers and gender stereotypes to help create a safe and fair path for those who will come after us.


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  1. I 100% agree with this. Also I think that more media based courses should be introduced into schools earlier, not only to instill interest in girls at a young age but it would be beneficial to everyone, especially because the media industry is only growing and isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Growing up I always knew that I wanted to be in the media field but it was very hard to find role models that were female. It wasn’t until I started volunteering at live events that I found a female tech (she was the only female working on site). I think it is very important to show girls that they can do well in the industry, we just have to fight for it.

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