The IMA (Interactive Media Arts) Program and Why I Love it.

The IMA program is a very comprehensive and fun course to take, I’ve been in the program for over half a year at this point and I’ve gone from knowing nothing about graphical and sound designing to video editing before I had even came here and from the courses here I’ve learned so much about them and I still continue to learn more and find new tricks to help me work on and do my assignments.

My hobbies and this course I found synched well when I was seeking out a career, I saw my hobbies lined up well as I enjoyed games but I always took time to appreciate and look at the mission themselves from the scenery itself to the sound design and music that would kick in, and from that I found the IMA program and all the amazing things they teach you, its letting me learn and figure out these sorts of things and from there it allows me to create these things and learn the best ways on how to create them. Notice how I said ways there right? Its because there really is no best way for everyone to do something and everyone falls into a certain way for people to work on and create their own methods for problems.


This program opens up so many paths for you to take after you’ve finished it be it a graphical designer or a cameraman, an audio editor or a audio recordist, a website coder or styliser. There’s any number of jobs that you can go into the technology industry with, you could even start up your own company or move on to becoming a You-tuber with very good quality skills to be able to edit your videos and produce high quality content, now I realize how I sound like i’m trying really hard to sell the program and…I’m trying to sell it the best I can because I want people to meet awesome people as I have and have as much fun as I do, both with the friends and classmates i have and the program and its classes. Simply put I love IMA and i recommend it.

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  1. I really liked your blog Connor! It feels like you really enjoy being in this course and it shows through your writing. I can feel how passionate you are about the kinds of jobs you could do once you graduate and I would enjoy seeing where they could take you. It sounds like there are a lot of opportunities from the interactive media arts program. I also liked how you talked about the way the classes are taught; it sounds like there are good people who teach in that course. It does, however, sound a bit like it rambles and all over the place with your writing style, though it did feel like you were talking directly to me. Nice job!

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