The Effect of Depression

With the rise of people talking about depression, people are wondering how much is put toward mental health care and cost.

According to The Conference Board of Canada the cost of depression across Canada is 32.2 billion dollar a year and that number is still rising. Also of the total cost of health care, mental health care is only 7.2% and people want that to be raised.

There is also the concern that by 2020  that depression could possibly be the lead cause of disease in Canada.

It’s also families that are concerned about depression and I Rita Friesen to do an interview and she said this about depression and how she’s be affected.

There is also said that 1.6 million people have had unmet mental health care every year, and it will  probably rise each year.

According to Cision 85% of Canadian think that mental health service are underfunded and that another 85% think that the government should it as much as physical health care.

Also they said that 53% of Canadians consider depression to be a epidemic with 59 % being between the age of 18 to 34.

People do said that there are great ways to help with depression like having a pet help with their depression and also people supporting them is a great help

Brian Elgert said this about how his family helped him:

Thank you for reading about how depression is affecting our economy and the people of Canada

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