Take a Step Into Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has started becoming more and more well-known in the gaming industry. It adds much more immersive and engaging qualities to a game, and now that it has been around for awhile, inventors are coming up with new ways it can be integrated into games.

The Japanese firm, known as Cerevo, has come out with Taclim. Taclim is a set of virtual reality shoes. As you have probably already guessed, the purpose behind this is to allow users to feel the virtual world through their feet. Each shoe has 3 sensors, two on the bottom of the shoe (one at the front and one at the rear), and the other is located a top of the foot. While wearing the shoes, a person can feel water splashing, a wooden floor creaking, snow crunching, and even soft sand beneath their feet.

Imagine fighting someone or something in a game and kicking them. With Taclim, you would easily be able to feel the difference between kicking your opponent, or kicking his/her shield. This is exactly what Cerevo is going for.

This newest addition to the virtual reality world is certainly a positive one. However, there are some downfalls. The lucky people who were able to try this out said it felt awkward, and the shoes were quite big and clunky. They felt uncomfortable doing a kicking motion, because the shoes felt like they were going to fall off. They also felt odd to walk in. They were instructed to stand in place and shuffle their feet in order to experience the different “textures”. While doing this not only did they feel awkward, but the shoes were heavy on their feet. Obviously, with every new invention, there will be positive and negative feedback.

Taclim is worth somewhere between $1000 – $1500, and will be available in late 2017. So far it is only compatible with Google VR, which explains why it’s so pricey. Hopefully it will become compatible with more than just Google, because otherwise it might not sell too well.

So the question is would you buy this? Or is this just another silly gimmick that the gaming industry has come up with. With the release date being sometime this year, we will have to patiently wait.

4 thoughts on “Take a Step Into Virtual Reality

  1. Even if the shoes weren’t so pricey, I think I’d want to wait this one out until they came out with something a little bit more… precise. It seems like a lot of work to wear big clunky shoes that are meant to put you in the experience, and instead take you out of it. I do love the concept though! It’s funny that we’re finding ourselves trying to immerse ourselves as heavily as possible into another world, like in the anime/light novel Sword Art Online, Aneeka Richin’s webcomic “Not A Villain”, or in Ernest Cline’s novel “Ready Player One”. All to escape reality, haha. I guess when the shoe fits…

  2. I agree that I would want to wait until an improved version comes out, but I love the idea of adding more and more “reality” to gaming. The more technology we have like this, the less disconnect there will be between the gamer and the game. This would be really fun for platform games (Ps4, Xbox, etc.) that have more complex gameplay than today’s VR games. That said, I can’t wait until full body VR suits are a regular thing.

  3. This is actually really neat! Already there has been a rig created on which you can stand wearing a special pair of shoes so that you can move around in VR while moving in spot in real life. But that requires also being attached to a harness, etc. However, with that particular set-up, you cannot feel the environment you are walking around on. For these particular shoes to be coming to fruition is exciting to say the least. As time goes on we are getting better an better VR tech, and I’m thrilled to see what the future holds!

  4. I would like to try it because I would enjoy this for entertainment. The price value is really an iffy for me but it would make sense to build all of this. We will have to wait for it to come out later to see if it is worth buying this. Will it be a bust or a success? I will have to agree with Cass on the environment feel. I would think I would see this more on a PS move platform because of the color of the shoes and how it looks, but I might be wrong about it.

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