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Virtual reality is one of the biggest advancements in technology. Not only can it transport you into a different world it can also help teach. In 2015 the New York Times released their own VR app that helped teachers show their students some subject material as it was able to let the students explore the barren tundra of Antarctica. The possibility and the ability to also not only read the paper but to go to the scene is a work of wonders when it also can enable journalists to put the reader in the actual scene that they were reporting on. During their release phase of the VR app the New York Times also donated some VR headsets that would help students learn in a non for profit after school program that at the time was being run by a man called Travis Feldler who was the founder of the organization called TechRow Fund.

With VR anything you want to teach becomes possible especially when its something as easy as the stars.

But why is it important for Education?

In today’s world especially with how Covid-19 is affecting the planet this could help teachers keep their students interested when they are at home. Even in the Universities and Colleges that are being shutdown, it would make learning a lot easier.

When it comes down to the difference between having video calls or having a VR classroom I think there is also a lot more possible that you can do. Sure having a video call with the students can be easier but at the same time how do you know they’re paying attention and not just agreeing with the teacher? Then if they also don’t have a Camera, they could not even be there but just joining the call either way just to make it seem that they are paying attention.

When it comes to the Virtual Reality though you can actually have a room and you can tell whether or not people are in the room just by how many people are there. Because of how advanced the headsets are even the slightest of movement will set them off and show that they are there, plus when it comes to VR you would have to leave the room which isn’t as subtle as just shutting off the camera.

How VR can make a story come more to life.

Imagine when you read a news article online that you could see it and hear what was going on. Well with VR, it is making it possible to have a 360 degree journey through what the journalist is writing. Most of the VR videos that the New York Times have released are no longer than 10 minutes which can make a boring article really come to life. It can also make it more interesting by putting you on the scene such as on Pluto or out to CERN where they have the large Hadron Collider and the possibility to learn about them.


This kind of Technology can and will revolutionize the way society can get their news. It is also a way that humanity can learn more about the stars and space without having to go on the missions. We could be on the edge of a new dimension and learn more than we would from a regular day out in the world and not know what we are missing.