Getting Over the Creative Block

A big issue that happens all the time in this industry, and just in general is having a tough time finding inspiration to do a job. Many tasks that we as media people have to do is use our imagination and be creative to do what we have to do. This can be draining on our minds and we lose inspiration and the ability to try and be as creative as possible. Once we start to run out of ideas, we end up with lackluster creations and work that we aren’t that proud of.  Read More

Tea – A Bath for Your Tummy

Tea. Wikipedia describes it as “an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves of the camellia sinensis plant.” I, however, prefer to call it liquid serenitea.

There are many different theories as to how tea was created, one story originated from a guy ripping his eyelids off into the dirt and then a plant sprouted from the ground and he thought ‘Hey. Why not?’ boiled it up and drank it. Weird? Sure. Creepy? Definitely.

But whatever story you believe, from eyelid soup to a goddess saving a nation, one thing is for certain; tea has amazing medicinal qualities.

Depending on how the leaves are treated, the tea you brew from it will have different health benefits.


One particular benefit that I’m looking for since starting this Interactive Media Arts course is stress relief.

This course is an abundance of fun, lots of great projects and good teachers to boot. But when I say ‘lots’ of projects, I mean lots. Sometimes the work load was so heavy that I wasn’t able to focus on anything other than getting my work done, which stressed me out and prevented me from getting any work done. funny how that works

That being said, one way to relax was to have a nice warm bath, but it’s very difficult to do homework in the bathtub. So we have to improvise.

See, the nice thing about tea is that it’s a bath for your tummy. It’s portable, for your convenience, and with so many varieties and health benefits, it’s hard to go wrong.

Tea is also completely tax free. And, unlike other hot drinks, it gives you caffeine without the buzz or crash.

Tea is also becoming rapidly more and more consumed in North America thanks to the hipsters and it is estimated that by 2017 there will be more tea drinkers then coffee drinkers.

Everyday we are bombarded with the stress of a developing-at-a-rapid-rate country, and in the result our bodies suffer for it. Instead of stressing out over balancing school, work, and friends, try a cup of tea sometime. It’s known to keep you healthy and cleanse you from the inside out.

If you’re not familiar with tea, head to your local tea shop and give a few a try. You never know, you could discover that it helps with stress more than you realize, as well as many other benefits.