Is Binge Watching Taking Over Our Lives?

With the introduction of streaming services binge watching TV has become the newest trend that most people have adopted. Binge watching TV has become a staple with on demand TV with services like Netflix leading the charge with hundreds of TV series all available with the click of a remote. Binge watching can burn away those extra hours before bed, but binge watching has began to have some negative effects on lives. Read More

Streaming services in Canada

Netflix started streaming movies and TV shows in Canada in 2010. This soon became very popular and the reason people love streaming so much is it’s a lot more affordable than cable. Netflix grew so fast they started producing Netflix original TV shows and movies in 2011. Netflix led the way for other websites to start streaming services, giving us more options to stream TV and movies. 

Crackle is small in comparison to Netflix but it’s completely free. With no montly fee there is really no reason not to check it out. It’s mainly a way to watch cult classics as it has a wide variety of older movies and tv shows. While it doesn’t have a lot for current media, you’ll still find plenty to watch, especially when you don’t want to spend anything.

Shomi is more comparable to Netflix with thousands of TV shows, movies and its collections which are better than Netflix’s recommendations feature because they reflect moods and moments as well. They have hit TV shows and the classics you love plus movies for every occasion. The subscription is $8.99 per month after a one month free trial and is also available through a few cable bundles like Rogers and Shaw.

Amazon Prime isn’t just a streaming service, but you’ll still find plenty to watch. It’s considered one of the top streaming sites alongside Hulu and Netflix because of its extensive collection. Amazon also has a collection of it’s own original series. You will get ads on the site but can pay a small fee to be rid of them. What sets them apart is you get two day shipping, music streaming, photo storage, kindle ebooks, and more with your yearly fee of $99.00.

Crave TV recently became a stand-alone streaming site in 2016 and is mainly TV shows as opposed to movies. Some TV providers also have Crave TV as part of their service. They also have HBO and Showtime programming. Their service starts at $7.99 after a month free trial.

Hulu is one of Netflix’s number one competitors as the service offers current seasons of popular TV shows with most being available to you within 24 hours of being released on TV. The basic service starts at $7.99 per month and includes commercials which may be the biggest downside to the service. You can get commercial free for $11.99 a month.