Foldable Phone

The Future of Folding Screens

With all the new “foldable phones” will this become the new industry standard?

With companies like Samsung and Motorola coming out with their new foldable flagship devices we are seeing a new trend come to the phone market that may become the new standard. So far this trend has only popped up in recent years and everybody is still testing things out. The question is are they worth the extra $1000 premium and does their functionality make it that much better than what we are used to?

What purpose do they serve?

The whole idea of foldable phones is either to fit more screen size into your pocket or make the same size screen we are used to a smaller form factor but do we really need that?
The problem with this concept is that these foldable phones are becoming almost 3 times the size of regular phones causing you to either need big pockets or a separate way of carrying it. What do you get in return? Slightly more screen space or the same screen space that becomes about as useful as a normal phone. The whole idea of the Motorola Razr and Samsung galaxy z Flip is just to make a normal phone half the size but because of the physical requirements of battery and screens, you get a much bulkier option to fix a problem that isn’t there.

Are they strong enough?

The first flagship foldable phones from Samsung were released to influencers to review them and within days creators like Marques Brownlee either accidentally broke them or had dust get in the hinges of the device ruining the screen. Marques explains more in this video.
Now while the second rendition of the phone is shown to improve the dust issue. The screens are still fragile. Samsung said they improved their screen by adding glass to it in their new “Z Flip” as their screen was previously made out of soft plastic, But under further review by phone repairman JerryRigEveryting in this video, it is shown it is a very thin sheet that does not add any scratch resistance to the device.

Should they become the new standard?

So should we all have folding phones in our pockets? As of right now with the technology we have the short answer is no. With the future ahead though it is very likely we will see every company try a rendition of this and who knows maybe it will get better. Right now however I don’t think that it is worth it to be spending an extra $1000 that is a lot more likely to break from everyday use with normal wear and tear and that is not that functional to an ordinary user. If you are a big baller and can afford to buy or repair a phone after every trip to the beach? then sure maybe these are the phones for you, but as it stands these phones are really just talking points that make your phone experience likely worse if not terrible.

Don’t Miss the Small Things in Life!

Do you ever look at your phone to see what time it is and then get distracted because someone just posted something amazing? Meanwhile you stick the phone back in your pocket forgetting to check the time. We humans love gossip, we love seeing what others have to say, but did you know that we spend about 7 hours a day on the internet; watching TV, streaming, and social media? Before the technology we have now, kids between the ages of 7-18 would interact by meeting up to the closest malt shop or park to socialize. Now you can’t go without seeing a 7 year old who doesn’t have a smartphone.

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