Mario Odyssey Update: Luigi’s Balloon World!

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Super Mario Odyssey is one of Nintendo’s latest and most successful additions to the classic Mario Brothers game series. The game received The Game Award for Best Family Game in 2017, sold more than two million copies within four days after release, and was given a rating of 10/10 from IGN. Needless to say, that’s pretty damn impressive. The only feature that holders of the game thought was missing was online multiplayer functionality. But Nintendo has reached out to their community, and recently announced a solution to be released in early February.

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Metroid Prime 4, Why Nintendo Won’t Disappoint

In June of 2017 at E3, Nintendo really brought the good stuff and excited fans across the globe with many intriguing new games for their Nintendo Switch Console. Super mario Odyssey was the star of the show with a new trailer and playable demos but one reveal may have excited fans even more. A 40 second trailer showed up in the middle of the presentation with an outer space scene and a number 4 slowly coming on screen. An iconic tune started to play and finally, the message popped up. Metroid Prime 4, now in development for Nintendo Switch. Fans around the world, including myself were jumping out of their seats with excitement as we learned that the beloved Metroid Prime franchise was coming back for a 4th installment after a 10 year hiatus. The Metroid Prime trilogy is classified by many to be one of the best video game trilogies of all time. In a first person view, players control space bounty hunter: Samus Aran, and travel to different planets and fight aliens while gradually picking up new weapons and utilities to help you along the way.  The series started back in 2002 when Metroid Prime was released on the Nintendo Gamecube and saw massive critical acclaim. Two years later in 2004 the second installment, Metroid Prime 2:Echoes was released also for the Gamecube. The series then came to its third installment in 2007 on the Nintendo Wii with Metroid Prime 3:Corruption.


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All three of the games are some of the highest rated games that Nintendo has ever released. It’s no wonder why the 4th installment has been on many fans watch lists since it was revealed. Right now, nothing about the game has been shown except for a logo and a late 2018-early 2019 release date.

The Metroid Prime 4 logo

I don’t think fans of the series have much to worry about. Everyone know that Nintendo will put their heart and soul into Metroid Prime 4 just like they already have with Mario Odyssey and Zelda Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo is known for listening to it’s fans and very rarely disappointing with their big name titles.  We can definitely expect some form of gameplay or screenshots for the game by E3 in July of 2018, and when we do see it, I’m sure that Nintendo will not disappoint and show us something that Nintendo fans around the globe can be ecstatic about.

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Nintendo Switch?, what about the games?.

Although Nintendo company has spoken in the last few hours about some games coming to Nintendo Switch from other consoles in the house such as GameCube, Wii or WiiU, many of its fans expected some kind of compatibility in the new Final Console It can not be, Something that, seeing the hardware of the machine that will come out on March 3, becomes more evident.

Remastered Yes
It has been the president of Nintendo that has closed any option to a possible backwards compatibility of Nintendo Switch: “In some cases, systems games can be relaunched for Nintendo Switch as improved versions with respect to the original games. And that’s it. remasterización yes. Retrocompatibility no.

As we can see, you did not have to be too smart to know that Nintendo’s plans with Switch did not go through making a retro-compatible machine. And we do not say it for its graphic power, which is surely above Wii and Wii to launch any of its games, but because it is physically impossible to do.
Firstly because if GameCube, Wii and Wii U became compatible with each other, the first with the second and the second with the third, was by the presence of a disk drive, which allows us to insert and play quietly. But as you know, Nintendo Switch is impossible. What’s bought in digital and we could play it? Well the same, but from the company will have thought that doing that favours one format over another and that is not the policy they want to follow.

Remastered, the new reef
This remasters policy yes, backwards compatibility was not seen since the first moment in the announcement of the console a few weeks ago, when we saw images of Skyrim, a now old game that makes it seems that Bethesda is preparing for the new console , It is about Of a remastering like the one we saw last year for Xbox One and PS4.
We hope that in addition to all things Nintendo and third parties make a good original catalogue with names that decide to leave in Nintendo Switch because they trust the machine and its possibilities. And not because it is easy to remaster a game of four, five or more years ago to get them from 40 to 80 dollars.

Nintendo Switch

Video games lovers have marked the calendar on Friday, January 13, as Nintendo will present its new console in London for the press and in japan and New York for the public.

The Nintendo Switch is a highly anticipated console, as the company former president, Satoru Iwata, announced it in March 2015, that is, almost two years ago. The code name of the project was Nintendo NX and since then many people wanted to know more details about the console of this Japanese brand.

According to Europa Press reports, the Nintendo Switch will cost around 250 euro, Which would rise to 300 if a game is added to the console, and will go on sale in March. The new console is hybrid, it can be a desktop device but at the same time it is portable. That allows us to start a game at home but, if we have to leave, we do not have to leave it halfway, we can continue on the go.

The console is formed by different modules that can be gathered and separated according to the liking of the player. The user can connect the console body to a stand that connects to the television and plug in the controls to form a control like the traditional ones.

But at the same time, the controls can be mounted on the Nintendo Switch and turn it into a seemingly powerful portable console. The controls are wireless and the intention of Nintendo is to create a series of accessories that are going to make the experience of the users get constantly better, with additional products and elements that will allow better enjoyment of the game.

Nintendo has yet to confirm the specifications and accessories that will be compatible with Switch. It is already known with almost total certainty that the brain of the console is a chip of Nvidia, the Tegra X1. This turns it into a device with less power on paper than PS4 or Xbox One.

It is not completely confirmed that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo’s most anticipated game for the beginning of 2017, is going to come next to the console, but everything points to that will be the case.

Nintendo bets one more time on cartridges games, which will have a memory capacity of about 32GB. The basic package of the console will include the controls and the screen and, if you want to have the dock to play in desktop mode, you will have to buy it separately. But to clear all the doubts and know all the details we just have to wait a few more hours.


Nintendo Celebrates Mario’s 30th Anniversary with the Release of Mario Maker

While it is a bit late seeing as Nintendo’s actual celebration ended in December 2015 it is still an achievement and I think Mario’s 30th anniversary is a monumental topic.  While some might not think that a video game character would need an anniversary; others may think ‘Wow. Mario has been around for 30 years’.  Considering that most game characters don’t last for more than one game Mario has been around for a long time.  Personally my thoughts are ‘It has been 30 years since the release of an iconic and revolutionary game’ .




To go along with the thirtieth anniversary nintendo released ‘Mario Maker’.  While similar to previous Mario games, being a 2-D platformer, it has its own unique aspect.  In Mario Maker players are able to be the creators of the levels using any graphics from all previous Mario games.


This is a wonderful idea for a game to celebrate 30 years of Mario games. This gives players, who loved any of the older Mario games, an amazing opportunity to play their preferred game of choice.  In this day in age one might think that those people would just play their original copy of the game or use an emulator, which they probably still will, but this gives them an opportunity to experience something entirely new in the previously familiar environment.  Giving players the ability to create the levels they always wanted to experience and simultaneously allows players an endless number of new levels to play.  I say, thank you Nintendo for giving lovers of Mario bros. games this opportunity.

Nintendo at E3 Press conference

Nintendo’s Biggest Year Ever?

With the flop of Nintendo’s newest game console, the Wii U, gamers have to wonder what the company will do next. Will they ever return to the unstoppable company we once knew, or will Microsoft and Sony continue to rise to the top?

Having just listened to a podcast about Nintendo predictions for 2016, of which you can listen to here (I highly recommend it), I’m definitely paying more attention than I ever have. This is why. After Saturo Iwata’s passing this year, the late CEO’s absence has gamers questioning how Nintendo can ever recover from such a loss. Is it even possible? Iwata was a legend among gamers, having brought the industry back from the dead after its near collapse in 1983. His leadership and passion for games led Nintendo into a golden age. It’s hard to see Nintendo even existing without him.

Satoru Iwata

Knowing very well that only a year after the launch of the Wii U that it was a failure, Nintendo began development on a new project code-named “NX”. We still don’t know what the NX really is, but there has been quite a lot of speculation as we near the E3 press event in July. We know of some patents for possible controller and hardware concepts, but there aren’t any hard facts at this point. In Nintendo’s current state, I only see 2 possible roads to success for their future.

The first path is that of the NX succeeding. If the NX is this new and powerful system they claim it be, gamers will eat it up. With proper 3rd party support, a clear marketing message, and a good name (ditch the Wii brand), I think success is inevitable.

Second path. The way I see it, if NX fails, they have to make a choice between continuing hardware design, or becoming a software company. We know that Nintendo is developing mobile games for iOS and Android, so they will surely make money off that. However, something fans have been wanting for years, is for the company to go 2nd party and make games for Xbox and Playstation. Imagine playing Zelda with Fallout 4 graphics. Both kids and adults would go bonkers, or at least I would.

The word Nintendo can be translated to English as “leave luck to heaven”. So did they just get lucky with their past successes? Or is there still greatness to be found in Nintendo?