Is Binge Watching Taking Over Our Lives?

With the introduction of streaming services binge watching TV has become the newest trend that most people have adopted. Binge watching TV has become a staple with on demand TV with services like Netflix leading the charge with hundreds of TV series all available with the click of a remote. Binge watching can burn away those extra hours before bed, but binge watching has began to have some negative effects on lives. Read More

How Netflix has Changed the TV/Film Industry

Remember the days of renting out movies from video stores? Or perhaps you can remember when you had to wait a week to catch the next episode of your favorite crime drama? It’s hard to believe that it was only a decade ago when these things were the norm when it came to watching TV and Film. These options still exist today in 2018. However, these ways now live in the shadow cast by the juggernaut service known as Netflix.

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Streaming services in Canada

Netflix started streaming movies and TV shows in Canada in 2010. This soon became very popular and the reason people love streaming so much is it’s a lot more affordable than cable. Netflix grew so fast they started producing Netflix original TV shows and movies in 2011. Netflix led the way for other websites to start streaming services, giving us more options to stream TV and movies. 

Crackle is small in comparison to Netflix but it’s completely free. With no montly fee there is really no reason not to check it out. It’s mainly a way to watch cult classics as it has a wide variety of older movies and tv shows. While it doesn’t have a lot for current media, you’ll still find plenty to watch, especially when you don’t want to spend anything.

Shomi is more comparable to Netflix with thousands of TV shows, movies and its collections which are better than Netflix’s recommendations feature because they reflect moods and moments as well. They have hit TV shows and the classics you love plus movies for every occasion. The subscription is $8.99 per month after a one month free trial and is also available through a few cable bundles like Rogers and Shaw.

Amazon Prime isn’t just a streaming service, but you’ll still find plenty to watch. It’s considered one of the top streaming sites alongside Hulu and Netflix because of its extensive collection. Amazon also has a collection of it’s own original series. You will get ads on the site but can pay a small fee to be rid of them. What sets them apart is you get two day shipping, music streaming, photo storage, kindle ebooks, and more with your yearly fee of $99.00.

Crave TV recently became a stand-alone streaming site in 2016 and is mainly TV shows as opposed to movies. Some TV providers also have Crave TV as part of their service. They also have HBO and Showtime programming. Their service starts at $7.99 after a month free trial.

Hulu is one of Netflix’s number one competitors as the service offers current seasons of popular TV shows with most being available to you within 24 hours of being released on TV. The basic service starts at $7.99 per month and includes commercials which may be the biggest downside to the service. You can get commercial free for $11.99 a month.

HiCan High Fidelity Canopy

This is the new High Fidelity Canopy, or HiCan for short. As shown above; this bed is very different than what someone would think about when the word “bed” comes to mind. Other than an adjustable mattress for optimal comfort, the HiCan is a “sleeping pod” that has everything you could ever dream of. No pun intended.

To start off, this bed has retractable blinds. So whether you do not like sunlight, or don’t make your bed in the morning, it can be fixed with the click of a button. HiCan also has a built in projector and retractable screen at the foot of the bed. To make that even cooler, it has a complete surround system to give you that “theater like” experience.

Do you like reading before bed? Well the HiCan has you covered with their reading lights inside of the canopy.

Are you a gamer? Well, not only does this bed have a multi-media PC, but it also has a gaming console inside of it as well.

This Canopy even has 8 different colors to chose from to personalize it even more.

The company says  “It’s designed to bring in our most personal space the emotion of driving our life through our dreams and passions.”

That sounds great, and as you could imagine there is a huge wait list of people who want this bed. Which would not be that surprising…. if the bed didn’t cost $67,018. However, the company knows that their bed is far more than expensive for a bed and having many failed efforts on trying to lower the price. The company offers people to try the bed for themselves for one or two nights. They are also offering a “smart-coupon” for 10% off any of the companies products, so maybe you can save a couple dollars on the canopy.

Although this invention is very innovative, I think I would rather buy a new vehicle, maybe put a down payment on a new house, or just save my money for something more logical for my life.


My Opinion of Netflix

Nowadays almost everyone I talk to about T.V. shows talk about using Netflix as their source for watching movies and shows.  Although I do understand why others prefer, I personally don’t use Netflix as my primary source to watch shows.  My personal reasons consist of:

a) I never find the shows and movies I an looking for.

b) I rarely like re-watching movies and episodes I have seen before.

and c) I don’t experiment with which shows I watch often.

I personally wonder what will happen to cable T.V. as most people now use Netflix instead.  I had recently(within the last two weeks) read an article, that I am unable to find the exact article, that said within the next 20 years traditional television may just, in a sense, ‘fade out of existence’.  But where does this leave advertisers with everyone using streaming applications like Netflix for television.  My thought is that they may put commercials that play between episodes or even put them where the shows would normally have commercial breaks.  I think this is justified by the fact that even the Netflix original series, that are not intended to be played anywhere else, still have spots where the show has an intentional break that would normally only be there for commercial breaks.

Netflix No More?

Everyone has heard of or used Netflix some time in their lives of course. Netflix has created a whole new way to watch TV and movies, without commercials and without having to wait a week until the next episode airs on TV. We pay a low price of $8.99 a month for these privileges, so what more could we ask for?

Rumor has it; our dear friend Netflix has some competition! Sony has come out with a similar service called Video Unlimited. For a subscription of $80 a month, Video Unlimited will give you 100 channels form providers such as CBS.


Netflix is spending all of their revenue on programming fees to be able to play shows such as the Blacklist and the Walking Dead (2 million an episode for the Blacklist and 1.5 million an episode for the Walking Dead). With such low subscription fees and programming fees rising, Netflix is running into major money issues. If Netflix were to majorly raise their costs, they might lose some customers who are unwilling or unable to may any more that the low price it consists of at the time being. Already Netflix has been raising the subscription fee, dollar by dollar. If you want to stream Netflix on more than one screen at the same time with the same account, it is a couple dollars more. Other competitors include Amazon, HBO Go and Vudu, which all have similar but different benefits that Netflix.


Personally, I have been a huge Netflix fan from the first time I used it. I think that if Netflix is going through some money troubles, it will still keep its customers. Netflix is the most popular streaming video service out there because everyone knows it has cheap prices and great quality and it was the first of its kind. Although other companies are now trying to compete with Netflix, I believe (and hope) Netflix will still be around for quite some time!

Internet Addiction

We all have those lazy days at home where all we want to to do is just loaf around and watch T.V., Netflix or just browse the web. But can it get to a point where we use the internet to much?


A couple in South Korea were so committed to their virtual baby that their actual three month old baby died in her crib from malnourishment and neglect. A woman was sentenced to 25 years to prison in New Mexico because she let her three year old daughter starve to death. Records show that this woman was on the popular World of Warcraft from noon to 3 a.m. in which she found that her daughter had passed away. A teenager in Ohio shot his parents in the back of the head with a 9mm because they told him that his gaming addiction was getting out of hand. A older gentlemen (if thats what you wanna call him) strangled an older lady for $6 to buy a game that he wanted. There are physical effect cases like the ones above. A 20 year old man in England was killed by a blood clot that created a fatal blockage in his lungs which he got from playing Xbox for 12 hours straight. Or in Taiwan who just passed away about a week ago from heart failure from gaming at a cafe for three days straight.

Places in China have considered it an addiction and referred it as, “electric heroin”. China has hundreds of boots to help clear these people of their addiction from when it was considered an official disorder in 2008. Even the United States have put this problem in their, “condition for further study” basket to be looked into more in the future.


I will have to admit that I have succumbed to the oh so powerful inter webs and either binged watched T.V. shows or movies on Netflix for hours on end or have gamed out for 12 or more hours in a single sitting. But its not like I do this daily where it gets to a point where I forget to do the laundry or clean up after myself or more importantly nourish myself. I go out with friends to watch a movie or go get something to eat. I try not to lock myself up and go out and experience this wonderful world that we live in with family and friends.

The End of TV

The newspaper industry has been on decline for a while now, due to the advantages of the many alternatives that people have turned to. Gone are the days of finger licking and shifting through pages now that there are better ways to stay up to date on current events, such as cable news. It allows reporters to report on an event immediately instead of the next day, and all you have to do is sit and watch. However, some predict even that won’t last long, due to the rise of a newer, more convenient way to check on the latest events, simply knows as the internet.

netflix tvEven putting aside the ease of looking up the news online, the internet also has programs like Netflix, which let you watch many of your favourite movies and shows that would otherwise air on TV. You can watch them whenever you want for a monthly subscription, and have access to everything they have instead of having to follow a specific schedule. People want convenience nowadays, and television is having trouble supplying it.

Now, cable TV does have some things going for it, like being able to air content much earlier than the internet (legally, at least), and there are many channels that have yet to make it to the internet. TV online is still in an early stage, and while it might not become the top source of entertainment right away, it’s definitely getting there. Live stream events might even be able to solve one of its few disadvantages of airing events later than TV. You get less ads, and the ones you do get can be chosen specifically for you, and have some relevance to them. This means the advantages of online entertainment don’t just apply to the consumer, but to advertisers as well. It’s just a matter of time before entertainment moves to online permanently.

I don’t believe we’ll need to throw away our TV sets. Maybe we’ll be able to simply connect our computers and phones to the TV and still be able to watch shows on the big screen. Either way, I think while big screen displays probably won’t disappear, cable entertainment likely will. Broadcast television is beginning its descent into irrelevance, while online show-hosting websites continue their rise and will soon become a normal part of everyone’s life, just as TV once was.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Cloud, Flix and Toothbrushes

I’m sure many of us have heard of Adobe’s new subscription-based service, the Adobe Creative Cloud. It’s a steal for students with its low monthly price of $20, which gives full access to all of Adobe’s programs and software. It’s a much more convenient alternative to simply buying each individual product, and is also a sign of a growing trend among services and the way we interact with them. Another example of this trend would be Netflix, a service that gives access to all kinds of shows and movies that you pay for monthly.



Subscription-based services aren’t anything new. We’ve seen it with various other kinds of products, such as magazines, but recently it’s been extending to other kinds of products that haven’t been a part of the subscription module until now. Books have already become a popular subscription based service with unlimited E-book access for a monthly pay. Will this eventually spread to other products and services? Will everything be subscription based in the future? What other services will benefit from this rising method of pay, completely changing the way we look at buying products and services?



Toothbrushes, of course.

Monthly services now have more potential than ever before due to the rise of digital products and online business, making it easy for people to sign up and allowing for better buyer and seller communication.

Obviously, like any business model, it’s not perfect. The success of subscriptions has a lot to do with balancing the advantages with the disadvantages. Physical copies of products are more expensive, but you can use them without access to the internet, and you have it forever. With the Creative Cloud, you have it as long as you have the subscription, making it less permanent. However, get a monthly subscription and you never run out of whatever product you’re paying for, and it’s common to have a free one month trial of the service to make sure you’ll want to stick with it. It works well because it benefits both the buyer and the seller, and as long as you’re consistently using the software it offers, you’ll get your money’s worth.

The Cloud

Before now I’ve never been very fond of subscription-based services; I’d rather buy the product, have it forever and never have to think about paying for it again. However, ever since the introduction of Adobe Creative Cloud, Netflix, and toothbrushes, I’ve started getting used to this new method of pay since it doesn’t show signs of going away anytime soon.