Creativity is the Future

There is a fear, a rumour, a nagging feeling perhaps, that robots will one day take over most of our jobs. Technology is advancing, and as machine learning comes into the spotlight, we start to wonder, are our jobs really in danger?

Machines have already started doing technical tasks in certain industries (and doing them much better than humans). Does this mean that as humans we no longer have a job at the company? Joseph Pistrui of the Harvard Business Review states that many knowledge jobs (such as lawyers and accountants) will soon be automated and that accountants have a 95% chance of losing their jobs. Scary, right?

But there is hope for us creatives. After all, what can we do that robots can’t (yet)? Think for ourselves, make decisions, DESIGN. Joseph says, “Humans are strategic; Machines are tactical.” They do not have an imagination. They do not have the capacity for creative analysis. They do not have emotions.

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Seymour Adler and Robert B. Kaiser of Harvard Business Review say we can make ourselves valuable as employees by having a strong work ethic, drive and motivation to complete jobs no matter what it takes. Ambition and eagerness for more responsibility goes a long way in making yourself valuable. Social skills is another thing we have over machines (at least most of us). The ability to meet clients face to face, show emotion, have a conversation. To manage people and build relationships, be influential and read audiences. These things we go a long way in business (and life) and cannot be replaced so easily by robots.

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Therefore, companies should be strategizing about how to incorporate these automations into their businesses by looking at Artificial Intelligence as a way to augment and increase their production, instead of replace employees. Some of our new job descriptions may be to look after these new technologies. After all, someone will have to take care of the machines. But it will give us opportunities to look beyond the mechanical tasks in the workforce and better ourselves for more meaningful and creative positions.

Save the creatives! We are the future. xo M.

Where to now?

Everyone’s been asked what do you want to be when you grow up? The question alters itself as we grow to what are you doing after high school? What are you going to do after college? And as second year of college approaches faster than we think we really have to figure out; where do I want to be and what do I want to do with my life? So for those of us still a little unsure here are some of the best design firms in Canada and what they do.


Meomi: Located in Vancouver, B.C, they believe in work that “delights, entices and inspires”. Their work has been featured in illustrations, books, clothing, toys and magazines worldwide. They have also worked with Google, Yo GabbaGabba, Time Out Magazine and Fisher Price. Meomi designed the 2010 Olympic Mascots and are the creators of the children’s book series “Octonauts” that has now been made into an award winning show.



Myott Bellamy: Based in Montreal this “does it all” company provides high-end; animation and media for fil, television, music and entertainment industries. They have worked for Cirque du Soleil, Bell, Rogers, Coca-Cola and many more.

Blue Hat Marketing- Don’t worry web designers I haven’t forgotten about you Blue Hat Marketing was ranked #1 web Design Company. Although based in Montreal, there are offices all over Canada in Toronto, Halifax, Moncton, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Quebec City. They specialize in Professional, e commerce, real estate and social media web design.

Illusive Design- This web design company does Web Design, Web Development, Internet Marketing, Web Hosting and E-Commerce. Team members consist of creative designers, web developers and internet marketing experts. The company is fully Canadian owned and operated and is based in Toronto.

OOPS! Design- This unique company does everything from, print to interactive designs as well as teach some basic knowledge of programming and graphic design. They are a very fun company and like to explore new ideas. OOPS! Design in located in Edmonton and works in both the French and English markets not only within Edmonton but all over Canada and the rest of the world.

There are so many design jobs in Canada and we barely know any of them so go online take a look you never know what job you’ll stumble upon!