Little known Google Apps

I have had an Android smartphone since 2011 and up until this past Saturday when my beloved LG G5 began malfunctioning. As a college student with not much extra cash to pay for my smartphone to get fixed, I was lent an older iPhone by a family member. I was missing some apps that were on my old smartphone. I wondered if the App store carried Google apps that I used beforehand and, to my surprise they did!

So, here is a brief list of some apps you should check out.  

The first one to be downloaded was Google photos. They have unlimited photo storage but there is one catch, all the photos are limited to a resolution of 16 megapixels. I only learned about this a couple of months ago, meaning I really need to go through and clean out some of the 5,000 photos I have on there.

Google Photos

Noticing the maps on the iPhone is terrible when it couldn’t find the address of a friend that had recently moved. I downloaded Google Maps and found the address right away. A neat feature that can be found is under the menu button. There is an option to click and view “your timeline”. Anytime you allowed your location to be on, Google kept track of your movements. Pick a date or time and you can see where you to travelled to on a day by day basis. Only you have access to this feature but, I’m also a little undivided on whether this is cool or scary.

Google Maps- Your timeline

Google translate was the most helpful app I have ever used. While on a recent trip, I was unsure if I would always have access to internet connection. You can download the language needed for offline use. If you find yourself in a store unable to translate the words, simply open up the app and tap camera icon, locate the text you would like to translate and the app will translate it right on the screen.

Google Translate camera option

Google Translate. Users can highlight text with their finger.


Lastly, one of the most powerful apps out there and also forgotten: Chrome remote desktop. The app allows you connect remotely to your desktop and gives access to programs and files. All that is needed is a desktop chrome extension on the computer and can be set up with a pin.

Chrome Remote Desktop

These are some of the Google apps that can be super helpful, so be sure to check them out.

Exploding iPhone 7 Plus?


Brianna Olivas posted a video to twitter of her melted up rose gold iPhone 7 plus. Her iPhone 7 Plus allegedly began to smoke and melt away the aluminum body. When it had began smoking her boyfriend began recording the incident, did he do anot incident report? I have no clue personally.

There is a link to the video I had explained.

Issues with the iPhone had begun the day before. Brianna had said that her iPhone 7 Plus wasn’t turning on. She had taken it to the local apple store in Tucson Arizona. The employees at the Apple Store had ran a few tests on the device and told Brianna her iPhone 7 Plus seemed to be working fine and nothing of serious importance had come up. That night she had her iPhone 7 Plus plugged in charging beside her head when her boyfriend had woken up to use the bathroom and he said he heard it making weird noises. He had moved her iPhone 7 Plus from the bed and placed it on the dresser where it had began smoking and melting away the body.

The video she had posted to twitter later that day had caught apples attention and they are now allegedly reviewing the incident.

The whole incident makes me wonder if Apple rushed the production of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus and took a couple short cuts in the testing of their devices. Like Samsung Apple’s largest mobile device production competitors had the issues with the Galaxy Note 7 line. They rushed the production and design of the note 7 leaving not enough room for the batteries electrodes to expand and reduce in size while charging.

With lithium ion batteries, while charging need at least an extra 5mm spacing around the battery pack. While charging electrodes that pump power to the battery and regulate it expand while heated; if not given sufficient room they will expand to much and press on the metal sides and cause a fire with then melt the device.

I hope this isn’t the case of this iPhone 7 Plus battery issue. This would set Apple back millions of dollars in getting the affected devices back and releasing new devices and it would make mIllinois of customers mad and loose trust in them.

iPhone 7: No Headphone Jack?

Apple has been a very innovative company over the years. With the introduction of the iPod Touch and the continuous development of the iPhone, it’s really no surprise that a 7th generation of iPhone is in the works. Although most of its features still seem to be rumors at this point, one of the main concerns with the device is that it may eliminate the use of regular headphones entirely. With its Lightning Port, the slot in which you use to charge your phone, there is discussion that Apple’s own wireless headphones will function from this port as well. It’s supposed to make the newer phone thinner and more sleek, but do we really need that? iPhones have already proven themselves to be quite fragile as their models become slimmer, so why continue along that path?

The rumor came about when an iPhone jailbreaker discovered ‘Headphones.have.%sinput.NO.’ in Apple’s 9.3 beta software.


We all have our favorite earphones or headphones that we can conveniently plug into anything with an audio jack. This allows us to listen to our favorite music or watch our favorite videos with ease. If Apple pursues this idea of a phone that is only compatible with their own earphones, will this allow them to profit or will they falter with millions of unsatisfied customers? In my opinion, I think that this is a bad move on their part. Along with the expensive prices of their phones upon release, they are forcing us to buy and use only their headphones, limiting what we can use and what we prefer to use. The only way I could really see this working is if third-party companies began to produce headphones that were compatible with the new iPhone, allowing a bit more diversity when it comes to using what we want. Adapters are also a possibility, but how much would those cost?

Although this is just a rumor at this point, I’m not really sure if the iPhone 7 will be a huge success or a major flop. If they decide to integrate this idea into their technology, I will definitely be switching to something else.

The World of Convenience

The world has come a long way in terms of technology.  Things like computers, iPhones, and T.V.s have all become a common part of todays society.  A lot of this tech has reduced the amount of manual labor required for work and entertainment.

I would not have guessed the world would advance into a world of applications.  But this does make sense as a lot of people tend to look for the most convenient solution.  Through personal experience, growing up, i have found that people have become less apreciative of new tech.

For example, the the original function of the telephone was just to be able to communicate verbally to others from far away.  Now it has been reduced to being just another app on the small rectangular device we still call a phone.  But this does not mean that I hate this tech but rather I wish it would not make doing physical tasks unnecessary.