It’s About The Wonderful Animals Here At The Brandon Humane Society

Our family pets, like dogs and cats, have become important in our lives. They are there to comfort us when we are feeling down, entertain us with their funny moments, and most of all they have become our family.

However, there are animals out there that are being mistreated or worse abandoned, and not getting the same love or have the same comfort of living in a safe environment.

This is why humane societies such as the Brandon Humane Society are around to bring these mistreated animals in and give them a second chance of finding a forever home.

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The Big Decision

For first year students, deciding what field you want to specialize in can be a difficult decision.  For Interactive Media Arts students, prior to registering for the program, there were two different sides: Interactive and Media.  Now that we’re in the month of April, both the Media and Interactive students have another decision to make.

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A Call to Action

So, imagine this: we are at the start of the second year, life is good. But you feel like you want to get more experience. Of course, you have the opportunity at WCGTV. But maybe that isn’t your speed, well look no further I have a solution. We have a hidden gem nobody seems to talk about, our sports programs. You often see the sports at ACC are so underwhelmingly covered.

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Applying Our Skills

We first year students finally got to use our technical skills in a more real world situation at the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair.  At the beginning of the year, most of us didn’t even know how to use a DSLR or Adobe Premiere Pro.  It’s now the near end of the first year and we have learned much as Interactive Media Arts students.

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Connecting with Google

The use of Google Classroom has made education more convenient than ever.  It wasn’t that long ago when I attended classes where the professor would use actual chalk on an olden days object known as a “chalkboard” and used it to write down important notes.  Google’s Apps for Education is a series of applications designed for schools to help them communicate with their students…and it is quite helpful.

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The benefits of social media

All the many events that have taken place globally this year, what has stood out to me most is the power of social media.We have in one way or another witnessed how its use has saved lives, given job opportunities, created strong relationships and many more. It is also able to tarnish reputations, build hostility and kill relationships. So we must all realise that its power is really not in the tool or the makers of the tool, but the users behind the tool.

The mistake people make is the wrong assumptions that social networks mean social media. Wrong! Please understand that social networking is just a part of social media. There are user review sites, video sharing, micro blogging, blogging and others.  Therefore it is important to tailor your social media use to the kind of business or industry you operate in

Provide Market Insights and Money Making:

One of the many benefits of social media is its ability to provide you with insights on customers, competitors and Industry around the world. Through social media, you are able to know what exactly your customers think of your brand and those areas that can be improved. Social media chatter is a valuable source of information. What are your customers saying about your brand, what matters to your to customers? What is being said when you are compared to competitors.

Depending on how strategic your social media use is, it can lead to a strong media presence which will in the long run lead to brand loyalty.My favourite part of social media is that it is free. Well to an extent but there are so many objectives that small businesses can achieve for free using social media.

Develop relationships and Increased exposure:

The beauty of social networks especially is the ability to “package” your brand. Brands have been given an opportunity to present themselves to the world in the light that they want to be seen. Some brands have even dared to join viral conversations on politics, economics, and entertainment. Social media gives you the best view of viral content in the world as they happen.It is now a medium through which you can respond to problems immediately and show the world just how great your customer service is.There are many people who do not leverage on the connections that social media brings. It gives the opportunity to access information directly from mentors or competing businesses.



Errands, doctor’s appointments, presentations and projects; we all put these things off from time to time, focusing on other things and convincing ourselves that we can get what we need done in time. Soon enough though, those due dates or pressing issues seem to draw closer and closer and you’re left struggling and stressed and wondering what you can do to complete your tasks. Most of us can relate to the concept of procrastination, especially when it comes to our various assignments in the IMA course. With all of the classes we have, it’s not surprising that we can have such a heavy workload. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to manage and prioritize what we need to do and sometimes, procrastination is impossible to avoid. Once you leave the school and are on your own free time, there are many distractions that can take you away from the homework that needs to be finished by the end of the week.


I think we can all agree that the IMA course can get pretty stressful and overwhelming at times, but with enough focus and determination, our projects can almost always be completed by the desired due dates. In fact, it’s quite satisfying to be completed before or on time, as you can use your free time as an opportunity to work on other outstanding projects and further your progress. In the long run, this takes a big weight off of your shoulders and once everything is completed, you can actually enjoy those distractions that were so tempting to go to during work periods.

Just like those tedious errands and pesky appointments, it’s always better to get things done and over with so they aren’t a lingering worry in the back of your mind. Even if the work isn’t something your particularly enjoy, it can be completed sooner than later and will not become a present dread in your mind. Don’t let your work pile up! Just do it!  Manage your time and utilize the classes you are given. If you’re having problems or have questions, ask the teacher or ask your peers. When you’re given an assignment, relax, take it in steps and make a plan. You can be successful without the stress!

2013 Rear-View Mirror

New Lexicon of 2013

New Lexicon of 2013

With 2013 firmly in the proverbial rear-view mirror, there is no better time or opportunity then now, to sit down, look back and reflect upon some new technology/interactive media terminology. For this task I referenced the Oxford Dictionary Online, to see what we should know as the new ‘official’ terms this past calendar year.

For instance, if you are trying to view this blog-post via your dumbphone, I’m quite confident I could get away with saying anything on this blog because you will not be able to see it regardless, considering your mobile phone lacks any of the unique features specific to a smartphone. However, if any of the friends of these dumbphone users have iOS, I’m fearful of being a screencap away from being snitched out.

For those of you seeking visual pleasure while reading this blog, I suggest you BYOD, find a HDMI cable and hook your live-stream device up to a stunning high definition OLED screen. Thus, making enjoying these new ‘official’ terms that much more gratifying:

hackable – capable of being hacked

soft-launch – release of a new product or service to a restricted audience

cruft – badly designed, unnecessarily, or complicated code or software

FOSS – free and open source software

MOOC – free course of study available over the internet

-referenced from Oxford Dictionary Online

According to Global Language Monitor 14.7 new words are created every day. With that many words being coined everyday it can be difficult to keep up. That’s why I say it’s not too late for you to add to your New Year’s Resolutions of no twerking and less selfies, and include making a promise to yourself to stay on top of the newest technology/interactive media lexicon 2014 will bring.

Adobe Creative Cloud

CC Programs

Programs Available with Creative Cloud

This semester us IMA students have a whole new set of classes and are focusing on coding, and learning new effects in Adobe Photoshop. In order for us to have access to Photoshop and other Adobe programs from home, Adobe has offered students and teachers the option of having what they call the Creative Cloud. For $29.99 per month, students and teachers are able to download and use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier Pro, Dreamweaver and many others. Your membership also comes with storage space in the cloud so you can access the files you have created from any computer, as well as the capability to save your files locally on your own computer. It also has syncing capabilities so it keeps your files current on the desktop as well as in the cloud. You always have access to the latest versions with a simple download without having to pay extra or resubscribe. If you were to buy the programs outright, you would have to pay full price for each software update. There are also other options for those who only need one of the programs the Creative Cloud offers, like Photoshop for just $9.99 per month.

I think the Creative Cloud is a great idea for students because it gives us full access to Adobe programs for a much more affordable price. It allows us students to learn how to use these programs before we get out into the work force. It also allows us to do our homework and our own side projects at home outside of class time. This way we can practice using what we have learned, and learn new skills using tutorials or other resources online. I would highly recommend a Creative Cloud membership to the IMA students, and anyone else involved or interested in the interactive design industry.