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12 years ago, on February 14, 2005, YouTube was born. Founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, who were all early employees of PayPal. The inspiration for YouTube sparked the minds of the three men after recent popular events that had occurred in 2004 were too difficult to find in video format online. A year later, that would change.


google on ipad

YouTube became a place where people could share anything from anywhere at anytime. YouTube grew and grew; videos upon videos uploaded daily. Google eventually bought the company just over a year after launch on November 13, 2016.

YouTube originally, was meant to be a different form of documentation that was capable of being shared with the entire world, a form that lacked presence on the internet at the time. Videos were never really a problem for YouTube when it first began. Smosh and Fred becoming the first popular channels to take YouTube more serious. YouTube had now evolved in to an area of entrepreneurship, where YouTubers were and still are battling each other out to become the best of the best. This is all because YouTube now pays YouTubers money for posting popular content, due to ad revenue using AdSense. Trends after trends had come and gone, and at the beginning were harmless, but as we now break into 2018, the trends have just gotten out of hand.


teddy bear watching youtube

Trends use to be silly and cheesy, but now they have evolved into eating tide pods and filming dead bodies, it is all about becoming the next big thing, the next star. Everyone wants to be famous. People are becoming selfish and inconsiderate; people are even dying from some of these trends too. YouTube never had to deal with this problem, but finally after Logan Paul posted a video showing a dead body of a man in Suicide Forest, YouTube has finally decided to crack down on this issue and put an end to this stupidity.

“We expect more of the creators who build their community on YouTube, as we’re sure you do too. The channel violated our community guidelines, we acted accordingly, and we are looking at further consequences” –YouTube on Logan Paul Video

YouTube just recently came out with new guidelines that clearly prohibit anything near these types of videos. It is about time YouTube; now true creative minds will shine and the stupid, desperate ones will vanish.

Google Pixel Buds

As Jori pointed out last week, headphones are awesome, and I agree. They can be wireless, over ear, in ear, leather, plastic, etc. Bluetooth has been the biggest game changer but google has come out with a pair of headphones that puts the competition to shame.

Google’s, Pixel Buds, are both wireless, and the have a voice assistant feature, which means that they can translete 40 languages, while you’re having a conversation. Say you’re in a different country and don’t speak the language, just pop those headphones on and, bam, you can understand.


The translation feature is enabled when the user holds down a button on the right earbud, and instructs the Google Assistant to help them speak the language required. Then, as they talk, the Pixel smartphone, that the Pixel Buds are connected to, plays the translation out loud. When listening to a response, the correct translation is played back through the headphones. Like wow.

The Pixel Buds are also able to answer calls, adjust volume, play or pause music, send and read out texts, and map directions all without the need to touch the connected phone.

If fully charged, they offer up to five hours of non-stop listening. But they also come in a pocket sized case that doubles up as a portable charger, allowing the user up to 24 hours of listening time in total.

To use as a headset, you need a Bluetooth® enabled companion device running:

  • Android 5.0 or higher
  • iOS 10.0 or higher

To use with Google Assistant you need:

  • An Assistant enabled Android device
  • The latest version of the Google app
  • Android 6.0 or higher
  • A Google Account
  • A data connection

To use with Google Translate you need:

  • Pixel or Pixel 2
  • The most up-to-date version of the Google Translate app
  • The latest version of the Google app


These are the first headphone Google has ever made and I can say that they did a pretty bang up job!


Google store

Little known Google Apps

I have had an Android smartphone since 2011 and up until this past Saturday when my beloved LG G5 began malfunctioning. As a college student with not much extra cash to pay for my smartphone to get fixed, I was lent an older iPhone by a family member. I was missing some apps that were on my old smartphone. I wondered if the App store carried Google apps that I used beforehand and, to my surprise they did!

So, here is a brief list of some apps you should check out.  

The first one to be downloaded was Google photos. They have unlimited photo storage but there is one catch, all the photos are limited to a resolution of 16 megapixels. I only learned about this a couple of months ago, meaning I really need to go through and clean out some of the 5,000 photos I have on there.

Google Photos

Noticing the maps on the iPhone is terrible when it couldn’t find the address of a friend that had recently moved. I downloaded Google Maps and found the address right away. A neat feature that can be found is under the menu button. There is an option to click and view “your timeline”. Anytime you allowed your location to be on, Google kept track of your movements. Pick a date or time and you can see where you to travelled to on a day by day basis. Only you have access to this feature but, I’m also a little undivided on whether this is cool or scary.

Google Maps- Your timeline

Google translate was the most helpful app I have ever used. While on a recent trip, I was unsure if I would always have access to internet connection. You can download the language needed for offline use. If you find yourself in a store unable to translate the words, simply open up the app and tap camera icon, locate the text you would like to translate and the app will translate it right on the screen.

Google Translate camera option

Google Translate. Users can highlight text with their finger.


Lastly, one of the most powerful apps out there and also forgotten: Chrome remote desktop. The app allows you connect remotely to your desktop and gives access to programs and files. All that is needed is a desktop chrome extension on the computer and can be set up with a pin.

Chrome Remote Desktop

These are some of the Google apps that can be super helpful, so be sure to check them out.

Google ….. Contacts??

Everyone uses and loves Google, am I right?? Well the majority of us do.. and I really have no problem with Google Android phones, and using Google as my platform of choice, however Google is now making the “Google Contacts”. What are Google Contacts you may ask, well it isn’t a list of people you know, it is a literal contact you put into your eye.

So first off, there are many questions that immediately came to mind I decided to do a little research, which was slightly challenging seeing as how Google just applied for the patent last week, however there has been talk of Googles new found contacts and how they would work since September of 2015. So far it seems the purpose would be used to test an individuals glucose levels and to test air and temperature quality. My first reaction was how does it get power!?! Do you charge it? From what Google has stated they plan on having a ‘reader’ that would send radio transmission signals to and from your contact lens, and it powers from that reader, like a wireless docking station!

“The reader could also be built into “a pair of eyeglasses, jewelry (e.g., earrings, necklace), headband, head cover such as a hat or cap, earpiece, [or] other clothing” so that it could continually power the lens.” —Mobile Health News

Pretty neat huh, except its in your eye! gathering sensitive data about your body. Google isn’t know for its awesome security so I would be weary about that. Google has teamed up with Novartis for this endeavor and they are starting human trials this year.. I am looking forward to seeing the results from those trails as this could change the game for health practitioners around the globe, patient data being sent directly to them and being up to date with your body’s condition would be an added bonus!

Development Tips from a Googler

Ever wished you could have someone walk you through a new coding exercise word for word? showing you why and how to do things properly, and to standard? explaining what tags there are, and what they’re used for?. If so, your wish may have come true, in the form of a youtube channel!

Dev Tips is a youtube channel that specializes in web design and front end development. He has tips, tricks and tutorials on everything web design & development related, ranging from super beginner tutorials such as opening and setting up your first HTML page, to advanced CSS, jQuery and Ruby on Rails.

Based in San Francisco California, Dev Tips is in one of the largest technology hubs in the world. Dev Tips not only posts tutorials, he posts videos on technology conferences, speeches, and even video blogs too; all centred around web design and development.

Recently, The owner of the Dev Tips channel, Travis Neilson, posted a series of videos on his process of getting hired at Google! Showing every single step it took, how he was contacted, what the interviews were like, and what kind of things they had him do.

What’s even more impressive than working at Google, is that he is completely self taught. He had absolutely NO post secondary education, or training. He learned everything he knows from books and the internet.

What sets DevTips apart, other than his credentials of working at Google, is the quality and comprehensive approach of his videos, he walks through every tutorial and speaks over them, explaining exactly what he’s doing, and why he’s doing it, all in easy to understand language.

DevTips is a great place to learn and touch up on your design and development skills, stay up to date on trends, discover new tools to make your life easier, and last but not least, to get inspired.

Check out his youtube channel

or his website

A See-Through Plan

Early in February 2013 Google released the Google Glass which was a product that quite a few people were really excited for. It worked mostly like a voice recognized phone and seemed more oriented to the person who was too lazy to look at their phone.

Not even 2 years later Google has decided to pull the plug on them with no plans for releasing more in the future. For the people who currently own one, fear not because Google has stated that they don’t plan on canceling support for it they just plan on stopping production. While the disappearance of Google Glass increases demand for the product some are trying to take advantage of the situation, buying selling them for high prices. If you have a Google Glass and no real use for it now would be the time to try and sell it.

Currently nothing has been released but plans on creating a better version of Google Glass are in the works. Google’s stock has hit a bump but nothing that Google won’t be able to overcome.

So long Glass

Google is ending the sale of its Google Glasses. The company says it is still committed to delivering Glass as a consumer product but will discontinue production in its current form.

Instead the focus will be on future versions of glass with work being carried out with a different division than before. The explorer program which gave software developers the chance to purchase Glass for $1,500 will be closed.

The explorer program was launched in thee United States in 2013, it was then released to the United Kingdom last summer. Many people expected a full retail launch soon after, however that did not happen. Next week Google will stop taking orders for the product but says support for companies that are using Glass already will continue.

Google Glasses being worn

Google Glasses being worn


The Glass team will be moving home as well. They will be moving out of the Google X division which engages in so called “Blue Sky” research and become a separate undertaking under its current manager Ivy Ross. Google has not given a timescale for the launch of any new version of Glass but i’m sure that will come in the future.

Early users of Glass were very excited about the product, which enabled them to get information on a screen above their eye, take photos and videos and get directions. However many soon became tired of Glass, complaining that it was not developing in ways that had been promised. Others had concerns about privacy and safety, with some restaurants and bars banning the use of smart glasses on their premises.


Several key employee’s developing Glass have left in the last sixth months. Among them lead developer Babak Parviz, electrical engineering chief Adrian Wong and Ossama Alami, director of developer relations. Despite this Google insists it is still committed to Glass With hundred of engineers and executives working on it as well as new boss Ivy Ross, a former Calvin Klein executive.


Despite all this i still feel that Glass needs a major revamp in both hardware, software and appearance before it can be taken seriously in the marketplace and by consumers. Unless Google can offer a product that rivals Apple or Android  in performance and usability i don’t see Google Glass being a successful product.