Inspiration in Your Pocket: The Subtle Art of Adobe Capture CC

As a Graphic Design student, Adobe Capture CC has quickly become my most reliable ally. Capture is part of Adobe’s mobile App family and easily the most beneficial for designers on the go. In 2016, Adobe combined four of its mobile asset building tools into one, forming a single app that can capture colours, patterns, materials, brushes, and shapes.

Adobe Capture CC opened the door to unlimited possibilities. With a few simple clicks on your mobile device, you can now create project assets from anywhere that are accessible all across Adobe’s mobile and desktop apps.



Originally, the shapes function was the reason I downloaded this App. Capture takes your sketchbook doodles and instantly turns them into vector shapes, you can also create shapes from high contrast photos.

Quick tip: Make sure to outline your doodles with a dark coloured marker before using the app, it will pick up the lines and curves easier.


Colour Themes

It’s so simple, just point and shoot for colour themes. Pulling colours from the real world has never been so easy. Snap a picture in the moment or use a picture from your camera roll on your phone and let Capture do the rest. Six movable circles will show up on the screen, once you’re happy with the colours picked, you can save your colour theme and use it over and over from your CC Library.



Create new and authentic patterns using the digital kaleidoscope with the Pattern tool. Select one of five geometric real time templates at the top of the screen and move your camera around until you find exactly what you’re looking for. The app prompts you to refine your pattern before saving it to your CC Library.

Furthermore, Capture goes above and beyond by building  textures and materials in seconds and also allows you to create customized brushes, forever creating original and authentic designs.

To top this digital sundae off with the perfect cherry, all assets created in Capture are instantly saved to your Creative Cloud Library making them accessible in all of your Adobe mobile and desktop apps. Creating genuinely original designs has never been so simple.

Adobe Capture CC is a designers dream and it fits right in your pocket.

There is more information available on Adobe’s website:

Your Style?



The concept of an artist’s own style is very interesting to me. So many artists stress out trying to find this golden and unique style that sets them apart from the rest. Yet, can we truly make exact copies of others people work without trying?

Since I have use of reason, I have been very fond of creating and drawing. Although, I really started to invest a  large amount of time into it when I was about 7 years old and my uncle told me about this series called Dragon Ball Z, he had watched it when he was a kid too so it’s been around for a while. I started watching it every night as it was shown on TV, and I was hooked. I fell in love with the art style and the creativity that it offered. Years later, I saw my uncle painting one of this show’s character on glass. It was a small piece. I thought it was fantastic and it gave me inspiration to develop a passion for drawing; not on glass, because I was young and I found it too difficult, but I started drawing and developing with any other media; pencil and paper being my primary choice. Over the years, I developed my technique further and I was able to replicate Dragon Ball characters rather well.

When I was about 12, I heard of another anime series on TV that I should check out. It was called Naruto: so, I watched it and just like with the other series, I completely fell in love with the story but also with the visuals that where between simplicity and complexity. Yet, they where very effective. As I did with Dragon Ball, I also tried to imitate the drawing style of the series, making various illustrations of the characters.

I have to admit that never in my life did I ever think what my own style was. I never saw anything wrong in drawing famous characters or designs. I always thought that it was ok to have something that you like drawing, over and over again; in doing so one develops the skill to use the art mediums or tools without stressing too much over the “idea” and if it looks right or not. As one has an image beside to compare.

In my humble opinion artists shouldn’t worry about having their own style of drawing from the beginning. I believe that the simple fact of you being a different individual, with a brain and body that works differently than others, is enough to make anything you do different, even if it’s a microscopic difference. And after a while in the process of trying out different styles; one will find out that there are some styles that stand and make you feel happy, those are the ones that will guide you in discovering your own style.

Take a Step Into Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has started becoming more and more well-known in the gaming industry. It adds much more immersive and engaging qualities to a game, and now that it has been around for awhile, inventors are coming up with new ways it can be integrated into games.

The Japanese firm, known as Cerevo, has come out with Taclim. Taclim is a set of virtual reality shoes. As you have probably already guessed, the purpose behind this is to allow users to feel the virtual world through their feet. Each shoe has 3 sensors, two on the bottom of the shoe (one at the front and one at the rear), and the other is located a top of the foot. While wearing the shoes, a person can feel water splashing, a wooden floor creaking, snow crunching, and even soft sand beneath their feet.

Imagine fighting someone or something in a game and kicking them. With Taclim, you would easily be able to feel the difference between kicking your opponent, or kicking his/her shield. This is exactly what Cerevo is going for.

This newest addition to the virtual reality world is certainly a positive one. However, there are some downfalls. The lucky people who were able to try this out said it felt awkward, and the shoes were quite big and clunky. They felt uncomfortable doing a kicking motion, because the shoes felt like they were going to fall off. They also felt odd to walk in. They were instructed to stand in place and shuffle their feet in order to experience the different “textures”. While doing this not only did they feel awkward, but the shoes were heavy on their feet. Obviously, with every new invention, there will be positive and negative feedback.

Taclim is worth somewhere between $1000 – $1500, and will be available in late 2017. So far it is only compatible with Google VR, which explains why it’s so pricey. Hopefully it will become compatible with more than just Google, because otherwise it might not sell too well.

So the question is would you buy this? Or is this just another silly gimmick that the gaming industry has come up with. With the release date being sometime this year, we will have to patiently wait.

Olly, the Robot with a Personality

Imagine, a black donut shaped robot that will rise to greet you and face in your direction whenever speaking.  A robot that doesn’t just respond with a voice, but also responds with light patterns.

Meet Olly, your robot with a personality.

Olly is a brain-inspired artificial intelligence formed by a group of machine and neuroscience learning scientists.  Olly is a robot you are able to have a conversation with, and is always there to help.  And since you are a unique person, every Olly is different and unique, depending on your daily conversations and interactions.

A couple of years ago in London the first Olly prototype was showed on stage at the TechCrunch Battlefield, and this year they picked up multiple awards for the product which include four innovation awards; Smart Home, Drones and Unnamed Systems, Home Appliances, and Home Audio-video Accessories.

Since the Olly was presented, many things were changed.  The overall design of Olly is completely changed, the company itself has built a speech recognition, and all hardware is tailor made.  They have used shape, colour, and movement to create a UI system.  This allows Olly to express its personality and emotions.

To show just how unique each Olly is, Emotech had a booth at CES where they had two Olly’s present.  The first Olly was very energetic and wanted to start a conversation with anyone who walked by.  Olly number two would wait patiently for someone to come up to it to start a conversation.  The booth was to show that Olly has deep-learning capabilities, which means if you were to buy one yourself, Olly would slowly become more like you when it starts to understand you and your daily routines.

But what else can Olly do?  Olly is also quite similar to Amazon’s Echo and/or Google Home.  Olly can look up questions for you, and you can connect it to your smartphone.  But with it’s deep-learning capabilities Olly is then able to detect things such as wanting to listen to music and what type of music.

Olly is not yet available to the public, but when it is the price should be around $700.

What do you think about Olly?

Espionage or writing utensil?

How about Both?

Have you ever found it almost impossible to take notes while in a meeting or a lecture hall and still keep up with what the speaker is saying? Or have you ever wanted to remember a special moment in your life and not be that obnoxious person with a huge camera snapping pictures that results in a huge flash every five minutes? Or have you ever wanted to do something slightly more devious and spy on or record someone without their knowledge? If you answered yes to question one or two and okay three (even though i totally do not condone spying on someone FYI) then the Spy Camera Pen is probably the thing you are looking for.

This little gadget comes equipped with  a built in lithium battery that can be recharged by using any USB port (perfect if you are doing covert espionage and only have your laptop near you) and it can record up to 2 GB of video, which again would be perfect for those who love to record the memories as they happen or spy on people as things happen. Either way, that’s a lot of video for your viewing pleasure once it’s all said and done. That video would also be good quality for your viewing pleasure as it takes crystal clear video through 1080p and 780p. It will also allow you to take smooth action shots if you are the type who will settle for a snapshot instead of a video. Also for those night owls who love to take pictures at night it also has the capability of a low light performance with minimal pixilation. Which for me would be handy because I absolutely can’t stand it when a picture looks pixalated. And the last feature but certainly not least, it comes equipped with a Time/Date stamp feature so that you can remember when and where exactly those photos were taken. It also has the dual feature of turning it off just in case there are some pictures or videos you’d rather forget when they were taken.

I personally love to record things, and remember passed events via video or pictures but i also don’t really like carrying around a camera or even my phone all the times. This pen would be perfect for me as I could just pop it in my pocket and be good to go to record and remember things as long as I had a USB port nearby just in case the battery life was used up before


Personally, I think that today, most of our lives are controlled by electronics. Now, technology has advanced to the point where it could soon take up residence in our medicine cabinets in the form of “electronic aspirin.”   Are you a patient of Migraine, Headaches and Facial pain, and you use a lot of Aspirin tablets that don’t just help to stop the pain? Don’t worry because scientists at Autonomic Technologies Inc. (ATI) in Redwood City, California have developed a state-of-the-art neurostimulation  system that helps with the treatment of Migraine Headaches. And this device is called Electronic Aspirin. The Electronic Aspirin  is a patient-powered tool for blocking Sphenopalatine Ganglion (SPG) signals whenever you have a sign of a headache.

This little device is a stimulator that is just about the size of an almond which can be implanted through a surgical insertion into your gum near the molar, and most often it is placed on the side of the head where the headaches occurs most of the time. With this new technology anyone suffering from headaches can just place a remote control in the side of the cheek where the pain is and stimulate the SPG nerves, stopping neurotransmitters that cause the pain. After the pain is treated you can just remove the remote control to deactivate the implant.

This are some of the reasons I think anyone having a lot of headaches should try the little device.

1.   The patient will experience an almost pain free life.

2.  The patient will be able to control when to use the device.

3.  No downfalls of pain medication such as internal issues or tolerance.

4.  It is now  readily available  .

5.  It lasts longer than any other pain medication.

The only side effects known for now occur  during and after inserting the implant. Some common side effects include throat numbness, lowered blood pressure, and nausea. Rarer symptoms include nasal bleeding, nasal infection and a temporary increase in headache pain. But my question is would you want to place such electronic device in your body and does anyone think that he or she could be controlled through the little device?.


Give Your Creativity a Boost

Legos are one of those toys that became a staple in almost everyone’s childhood. You would come home from the store, rip open your new lego set and, sure enough, in about an hour’s time, you’d have legos from one end of your room to the other. Lego taught children a very hands-on approach to creativity, and now, with Lego Boost, kids can make their imaginations come to life!

Lego Boost, is Lego’s newest addition to their lineup of toys. Targeted at kids ages seven and up, and priced at $160, Lego Boost is a set of legos that comes with a set of motors and programmable bricks that can work with new and existing sets to bring a creation to life.

The Lego Boost set comes with 5 different instructions for different models you can create. Two of them are Vinnie the Robot and Frankie the Cat. Vinnie the Robot can be programmed to behave in a “western” style. You can code him to shoot a gun at a target every time it hears a clap, and, of course, dress him in western gear. You can even code him to *cough, cough* fart, when you pull his finger.

Frankie the Cat comes with a number of unique and engaging programmable behaviours. He starts out as a kitten, and, as slowly or quickly as you want, you can program him to behave more like a full-grown cat. You can program him to hiss at you when you grab his tail, or purr when you feed him through a milk bottle. You can even leave him running in the background, so when he starts meowing, you will have to figure out what it is that he needs.

Now, you’re all probably thinking, how would a seven-year-old know how to code this? While we’re all used to being utterly baffled while attempting to code something, this, however, is much simpler. The app that is integral to the success of this toy uses color-coded icons. Basically, if you want Vinnie to say, “Howdy, partner!” every time you snap your fingers, you would place an icon used for audio next to one used for action. Therefore, it will know what to do when it hears you snapping your fingers.

Lego Boost will allow kids to express their creativity and it will spark a curiosity for how inventions are developed. I think that this will do wonders for children’s growth and development.

Steam Game Publishing

For anyone who is not familiar with Steam, it is an online entertainment platform which allows members to purchase and download different games onto their personal computers. Other platforms, such as Blizzard’s, Origin, and Ubisoft, restrict the available content to games developed by their own companies. Valve Corporation’s Steam, on the other hand, has a much more open policy for which games can be uploaded by independent developers, and in turn, download by Steam’s members.

In recent years, Steam has used a system called Greenlight to regulate which games can be uploaded to the distribution platform. Greenlight operates on a popular vote basis. Steam users vote or pledge support for the games they think will be good, and Valve then takes the most supported titles and works to get them up and running on the Steam platform. Unfortunately, many of the games don’t turn out to be as good as they look; some are poorly coded, badly scripted, etc. This left users feeling cheated and mistreated after they purchased the titles. Steam attempted to curb the flood of shoddy games by implementing a $100 fee for listing a game on Greenlight, however it seems that this was not enough.

Now, Steam is making another change in the way its games are added to the platform. Can you guess what the new Golden Ticket is? You guessed it: money. In the near future, independent developers will be able to pay a publishing fee to have their games published on the Steam platform. Steam hopes that this will discourage the flood of submissions of bad games. This new system will be called Steam Direct.

Valve hopes that Steam Direct will stop the bad games from coming in, but they are not sure that it will work. However, it may also bring in a lot of good games that otherwise wouldn’t have made the cut. Why is this? With the previous Greenlight system, developers depended on thousands of votes from Steam users to finally get published. Many agree that it would be much easier to pay a fee than to rely on the public’s vote. While the dollar amount for the fees have not been officially decided yet, the new Steam Direct will cost developers anywhere from $100- $5000, which is much less than the cost of releasing a game to platforms such as PlayStation or Xbox. Games that are successful and popular will earn back some of the money they paid.

I think this is a really cool opportunity for independent game developers to get their work out on the market. You can’t always rely on popular vote to carry through your work, and this will give serious developers the chance to “make it” in the industry.


Being in this industry we are constantly working on computers, so what if we had a little helper by our side? Introducing the uArm, an a adorable robot arm from uFactory. This robotic arm is precise and small enough to fit on your desk. Currently the uArm is seeking funding from Indiegogo, where it has already raised $300,000. The uArm is programmable via a variety of methods and has several attachments such as suction cups and a claw grabber. Most people are hesitant on funding products such as the uArm, because other products seem to fail, but this robot arm is different. The company has had success in its past with its other products so they guarantee success. There are two versions of the yet-to-be-built uArm available through the Indiegogo campaign. The uArm Pro, which is currently going for $489. The uArm pro has a repeatability of .02 millimeters, which is the degree of change in motion you can expect when the arm repeats the same motion over and over. The regular uArm Swift goes for $289 and has a repeatability of 5mm and a less powerful motor. The robot is capable of taking input from a leap motion gestural control sensor and includes wheels it can use to roll itself around.


The robot will be ready by May, just in time to break out the mini-fan attachment to cool you down during the summer.


So how can this technology benefit us? This technology will prove to have many benefits for us starting with convenience. Being in the profession that we are in, we will be most likely be in front of a keyboard. So while working you start to feel hot you can simply as the uArm to use its mini-fan to keep you cool. If you want a piece of paper that is perhaps across your desk uArm can bring it to you. Also the robot arm shows great potential and may soon be able to do much more. Maybe in the near future you can ask the uArm to grab a drink out of the fridge and bring it to you. However, this can be problematic because we will become very lazy and probably become obese. Also the price is pretty high for something that will do things for us, that most of us are already capable of doing.
The possibilities are endless for this piece of machinery and I can’t wait to see what’s next!  

Plot Holes & Special Effects

Have you ever watched  a movie with amazing special effects. Have you ever wondered if the plots in some movies suffer because more time was invested into special effects rather than the script. Well, maybe you haven’t but I have. I was recently watching a movie with a lot of special effects and action. It was fun to watch but, as I took a closer look at some of the effects , I  started to see the seams of the movie unraveling.

An action movie with heavy special effects can be fun the first time, but that can sometimes distract the viewer from noticing how terrible the story actually is. So I thought it might be interesting to see how much money actually goes into special effects.

CGI can be really expensive.What really makes CGI costly is the people and the hardware that is used to make it.There are so many programs that developers need to accomplish some of those beautifully generated scenes and characters we have grown to love over the years. Plus you need to pay the people who do it , and you also need talented people to get the work done right. Sometimes its not done right , even with a large budget.

I can think of just a few movies with not so amazing CGI , but with amazing budgets. For example R.I.P.D had an interesting story line. But, when it came to CGI, the effects were terrible and not fun to watch . They were grotesque and just not appealing , and the story itself suffered and didn’t really receive raving reviews. Their budget was $130 million dollars.  So in some ways they had potential but failed.  Another movie that was heavily plagued with CGI is The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, their budget was $250 million dollars. In my opinion they had some very good effects , especially the Smaug the dragon. Unfortunately the story failed in some ways because it dragged on. The adaptation of of the story itself suffered and didn’t please some of its long-time fans. I personally did not enjoy the effects and they verged on being creepy sometimes.

I think that CGI does have the potential to enhance a story but sometimes , it takes away. I can’t wait for the day that CGI becomes so seamless that you don’t even notice it and fall in love with the story.





Blackberry update lol


Blackberry was one of the worlds largest mobile phone creators around for years. I remember when my cousin Joél Gaétane Fleury had his first blackberry i was around 8 years old, I was super envious of him and so mad i never had one. Back in 2007 when Apple released the first iPhone is when blackberry started to see their decline. Then Blackberry made some horrible decisions as a company in a whole, including hiring a dud of a CEO. over the few years after the iPhone had released Samsung became a huge power house in the mobile industry as well. With those complication and Blackberry releasing “out of date” technology in their devices and mostly updating the physical design of the devices to make them look more classy and sleek with the same old graphic user interface and hardware with the device, only releasing slight updated to the devices. Don’t get me wrong Blackberry does have a very nice line of mobile phones and i like their graphic user interface as well, even though it can be a bit confusing at first.

Blackberry has announced at CES 2017 that they will no longer be designing their own devices anymore. Instead they will be partnering with various companies who will be creating their own blackberry branded devices. That may sound like bad news for BlackBerry loyalists but the CEO said the shift will actually enable the company to get more of its handsets on the market via partnerships since it will no longer need to devote its resources to hardware. I feel this could be a good step for blackberry to make a move like this, because they have not been doing a good job in my opinion keeping up with other cellular device manufacturers. Blackberry has had a small amount of success in the past two years, they had released a phone called “Blackberry Priv” which was their first blackberry device released with a non blackberry software and had a full android based graphic user interface and software. This is a great move I feel on Blackberrys part. There has been large success in this type of development. For example the Nexus line, many companies have developed and produced a Nexus. I look forward to see how this works for blackberry.

Game Costs & Donald Trump ?

Video games, are expensive right? What if I told you that they are only going to become more expensive. And what if I told you that it has something to do with America’s new President.

Of course for the average consumer, game prices are currently outrageous. Paying $80-$100 dollars for a game hurts. Especially if that game does not live up to our expectations ( *cough cough * No Man’s Sky ).

It is not exactly clear when this price adjustment will actually take effect or if it will happen. But Donald Trump has mentioned in the past that his administration may impose certain taxes on companies that manufacture their products outside of the U.S. That will mean an increase on consoles as well as games.

As a gamer myself, in Canada, games are already costly and I never pay for them at full price, I try to get them when they’re on sale. But with the threat of game prices going up I can’t help but think will it impact Canada as well. Will we also see a further rise in our games?

Sure developers work hard to come out with some of our favorite games, but should they not try and work a little harder to develop games that are worth the pricey price tags. I think, just as advice to any developers, remember the people who buy your games are ultimately the people who support you and allow for you to make more games and be successful. So please make your games worth the price tag.It seems that some developers today, not all, just slap their name on a package in hopes that fans will buy into the company. But we can smell a dud from a mile away. People can also smell the hands of greedy developers that sneak in season passes, as well as microtransactions atop of it all.

With games that promise so much, but don’t live up to our expectations it feels like a waste of money. And the average consumer is not made of money. As a student, I know gaming is not a cheap hobby. Consoles are expensive, and gear is expensive. I may just have to opt out of gaming and sell my console so I can afford to eat for the rest of the year.

The new president of the states will affect us all in some way or another, but I hope that he just leaves our games alone.Will you still buy a new PS4 or Xbox? Or is it just not worth it?


The Hexoskin

We all know that a common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight or become more healthy. Do people usually commit to their resolutions? Some do, some don’t. However, with this new piece of workout technology, I predict that more people will commit to having six-pack abs by swimsuit season.

The latest trend for fitness fanatics, first time gym goers, or anyone in between, is wearable technology. We have all heard of the Fitbit, but one step up is the Hexoskin. This new product on the market, worth a whopping $399, is a wearable fitness t-shirt. It is equipped with a Bluetooth sensor which is connected to numerous sensors in the fabric. If you choose to wear this during the day, it can track things such as heart rate, step count, calories burned, respiration rate, breathing volume, activity level, and much more. If you decide to wear this to bed at night, it can track your sleeping patterns, sleeping position, and cardiac and respiratory activity. All of this information is then sent directly to a smartphone app, with iOS and Android capabilities.

The hexoskin is made from waterproof material and comes in a variety of different sizes, with small to 3x available to men, and x-small to XL available to women. It is somewhat bulky, so it takes some time to get used to, especially if you plan on sleeping in it. The bluetooth device is located on the side of the torso and is hardly noticeable.

This is definitely not the first time something like this has been on the market. However, what it brings to the table is its ability to be used for more than just fitness. The Hexoskin can be worn while you sleep. This is especially important for professional athletes, because not only would this be effective to them during the day, but also at night. It is while we sleep that our bodies build and repair muscle, with some people saying that a good night’s sleep is almost as important as a solid workout regimen.

If you have the money, and are committed to reaching your fitness goals, then I’d say the Hexoskin is for you.

Gadget Accessories

In my last blog I wrote that technology has definitely come a long way, well so have the accessories for said gadgets. It used to be that you needed a cord and an electrical outlet to charge your phone or laptop; but now, there are devices available to allow you to charge your phone while on the go without the need of an electrical outlet in the wall. An example of one of these nifty gadgets would be the La Cross Atomic Alarm Clock  this little gadget is primarily an alarm clock as the name suggests but it has a few other neat features besides being able to charge your cellphone. The La Cross Atomic Alarm clock  has other interesting features such as: Atomic time & date auto sets, Time display (hour/minute), 12/24 hr. time & 10 minute snooze alarm, 7 time zones selection, Calendar (month, day, date), USB Charging port for mobile devices (as previously mentioned)  and other cool features like: Indoor temperature, indoor humidity, moon phase, multi-color display, continuous illuminated black light using AC power, Back light dimmer, and like every other gadget it also has a low battery icon.

The cost of this clock is relatively cheap as you can purchase one of your very own at staples or on amazon for 65.00$.
Now, some people might look at a gadget like this and say “Why should I get something like this when my phone works just fine and has all of those qualities that the clock has.” And this is a valid point, as even my Samsung Galaxy 5 can do most of what the atomic clock can do with the only difference being it cannot charge other devices and can receive messages and phone calls. But those might be the reason I would choose to look into acquiring a clock such as this because I am the type of person who receives a lot of messages and phone calls and like to shut my phone off at night to get a break from those messages and phone calls. So having something like this gadget would allow me to do that while charging my phone at the same time and I’m a huge fan of multi-tasking so that would just be perfect for me.

But I did title this blog gadget accessories, so let me ask, would this be considered a gadget, accessory or some weird hybrid?

The “Digital Sign” You’ve Been Waiting For

As consumers we tend to take advertisements for granted. We see them on billboards, on TV, in shopping malls, on social media, and the list goes on and on. Do we really even notice them to their full extent? Do we stop and think about the work that went into creating them? Maybe we do, maybe we don’t, but, with digital signage quickly emerging, it is certain that it will be a game-changer.

Digital signage is a form of advertising in which video or other media content is displayed using high quality monitors in public spaces for informational or interactive purposes. It is currently being used in places such as restaurants, sports arenas, as well as busy metropolitan areas, such as Times Square in New York City, or Piccadilly Square in London, England.

Digital advertisements in restaurants are becoming the key to growing a successful business. Not only does it make your pizza place or chicken joint look pretty cool, but it keeps the customers engaged, and when the customer is engaged they’re bound to hand over more cash. A good example of this is the addition of the new “Create Your Taste” burger machines at some U.S. locations of McDonalds. With this new feature, customers can become a “McChef” themselves, by handpicking everything on their burger from thirty different ingredients on a user-friendly touchscreen kiosk.

Another industry that is taking digital signage by storm is the sports industry. Sports centres around the world have noticed a decline in ticket sales because of the increase of top-notch home entertainment systems. The fans simply don’t need to physically go the stadium to enjoy the game, as they can do that without having to get off of their couches. Sports facilities can now display LED screens to enhance the viewer’s experience with the use of augmented reality, virtual reality, and they can even display the game in various camera angles to ensure the fans can keep up. An example of how a sports venue utilized digital signage is the Miami Heat’s Xfinity Plaza. The plaza has a custom built cylindrical display, complete with a stage. It was built to create an interactive and immersive area for the fans to enjoy before and after the game.

So, the questions is, do we really need to have enhanced digital advertisements when normal advertisements will still get the job done? We will have to see if this new development is a “sign” of things to come.

At Home Touch-less-Flush Kit

Over the years, cleanliness has become more and more important. Whether it is in public or in the comfort of your own home, we seem to become more aware of our surroundings as the generations go on. (Which I believe is a very good thing) From the ascetically pleasing look of clean surroundings, to the concern of your health; What is the next step? Some may say it is the new at home touch-less toilets.

We have all been there. You were at someones house and need to use the washroom, but the last thing you want to do is touch the toilet when you are finished. It may have nothing to do with the owner of the house, it could be that they have young kids, or maybe you are just a complete “germafobe”. On average the bathroom carries more germs than any other room in the house. Being able to just wave your hand over the toilet and not physically push the handle down would make the situation easier. I also think this is a less expensive alternative for schools.



How do these things work?

Not so surprisingly, it is pretty simple. There is a battery powered compartment that goes inside the back of your toilet. When it senses your hand motion it triggers the arm to move, causing the chain to be brought up. Which then flushes your toilet.


When I first heard about this I thought it was a great idea, I still do. The convenience it provides you with to potentially make potty training easier, or to help everyone stay a little more sanitary. But, the more and more I looked into it; the more questions I had. When I searched the down sides to this products. There was not as many concerns as I thought. There was no complaints on the batteries getting wet, or the machine draining the batteries quick. There was also hardly unhappy costumers at all.

But, one person in particular had a very unique experience with theirs.

They claimed that the toilet would flush multiple times throughout the night. They had no pets or children to set the sensors off. They began to call in the “Phantom Flush”. So whether it was a defect in the system, or their house was just haunted. I still think this was a great development.


High-Tech Fishing Drone Creates Waves

If you’ve ever been fishing, then you know that most of your time is spent waiting for a bite. Usually this would be paired with hanging out with friends, working on your tan, and enjoying a few bevvies. However, if you’re fishing purely for sport, and you want to prove your “fish-catching” worth, then this new piece of tech is for you. UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and PowerVision have come out with the PowerRay, a sure-fire way to catch all the fish you could imagine.

The PowerRay is an underwater drone that allows someone to heighten their fishing experience. The drone uses sonar to detect fish, the underwater landscape, and temperature info, which is then sent to the user’s WiFi. It has the capability of taking 4K videos and photos and streaming them directly to your smartphone. It submerges up to 30 meters, can spot fish up to 40 meters away and lures them in with a blue LED light.  With the drone’s impressive camera, you can also take photos in 12 megapixel resolution using the 100-degree wide-angle lens.

Another impressive capability is the use of Virtual Reality. It provides a first-person interactive view with the use of Virtual Reality. You can strap on a V.R. headset and, simply by turning and tilting your head, you can drive the drone below the surface of the water. This adds more of a gaming aspect to the device.

Recreational fishing has basically been the same ever since it’s beginning, which was a whopping 7000 years ago. So, this update to the ancient past-time is huge for the fishing industry. Some of the “old school” fisherman might not be too keen on using this to catch their fish, however, I think a younger demographic would. Wally Zheng, the CEO of PowerVision, says, “PowerRay is going to provide more efficiency, thrill, and fun to fishermen around the world”.

Fishing isn’t something I do, however, this underwater drone would definitely get me out on a boat attempting to make a catch. The price is still unknown. However, the company’s recently released aerial drone, the PowerEgg, runs for approximately $1200, so expect to pay roughly the same.

PowerVision will be taking pre-orders in February 2017.

5 Delicious Upcoming Games of 2017

With a new year, and a new you, why not embrace a new kind of resolution. One could spend all their time getting fit, but you could also just play all the new games coming out for consoles this year. Sure, you won’t be buff anymore, but you’ll have strong fingers with all of these games in your library. Here are  5 delicious games coming out this year (hopefully):


1.Telltale: Guardians of the GalaxyImage result for telltale guardians of the galaxy

Games these days are becoming more and more cinematic. So why not bring a cinematic movie to the console. Telltale is an amazing story telling gaming company that brings us brilliant stories and fun gameplay.  So what better movie to bring to the console than Guardians of the Galaxy. With so many interesting characters with great back stories, there are so many concepts to explore.

2.Ni No Kuni II: Revenant

Speaking of cinematic, if you’ve ever had a chance to watch a movie produced by Studio Ghibli and enjoy them. You may enjoy  Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom. It’s got that epic adventure and some amazing visuals that I think a lot of people can enjoy. It’s almost like you’re watching one of  Hayao Miyazaki’s beautiful masterpieces. The only difference is you get to control the characters.

3.Gravity Rush 2

If you’re one of those people that like to defy all rules and regulations, or maybe just defy gravity. Gravity Rush 2 might just be the game for you. Gravity rush has interesting mechanics that allow the player to literally defy gravity, float, and essentially fly anywhere. With powers like that, you’ll be defying the one thing you can’t in real life from your couch. With gorgeous graphics and an intriguing gameplay, there is much to be anticipated.

4.Kingdom Hearts 3

Now picture this, all your favorite Disney characters fighting by your side. Yes, I sad fighting. Kingdom Hearts is just that. Kingdom Hearts 3 is the latest installment in the franchise and if you’re a fan of RPG’s you’ll be a fan of Kingdom Hearts 3.  I know I am.

5.The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Image result for the legend of zelda breath of the wildFinally,  if you loved Legend of Zelda, I’ve got good news for you, Nintendo is bringing us another spectacle. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks gorgeous, and everyone has high hopes for t. We hope it is as amazing to play as it is beautiful.

Of course there are many other games coming out in 2017, and of course, you can still find time to work out. Take a break every once and a while.  Gaming isn’t all bad and with games like this in 2017’s roster you’ve got to at least give them a look.

Say Adiós to Language Barriers

Ever find yourself attempting to have a conversation with someone who speaks a language different from your own? It can be uncomfortable, and unless you have strong communication skills, it can be nearly impossible. This is about to be a thing of the past, with Waverly Labs introducing The Pilot.

The Pilot is a wearable earpiece that can be used to have conversations with others, without having to worry about any kind of language barrier. It comes with two earpieces, one for yourself and one for the person you’re talking with, a portable charger, and a smartphone app. Simply put, each user inserts the devices into their ears, turns on the app (with Bluetooth turned on), and from there you can seamlessly converse, with translation happening in real time, with minimal lag. So far the developers have made translation possible for English, Spanish, French and Italian, with further plans to expand to other languages in the future.

The inspiration came while the creator, Andrew Ochoa, was attempting to talk to an attractive French girl. He realized that it would be much easier if there were some way to instantly translate between the two languages. A few months later, his idea was in the beginning stages of development. The pilot can be pre-ordered online ( for $199, becoming available in September 2017.

If you find yourself thinking, “I’ve seen this somewhere!”, then you’re probably thinking of the sci-fi movie, A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. In the movie, the issue of dealing with language barriers is solved by people sticking a “babel fish” into their ear, and it eats other people’s brainwaves and inputs a translation into your brain. Well, the Pilot is slightly less invasive but it essentially does the same thing. It effectively takes what someone else is saying in a different language, chews it up, and spits it back out into a more understandable dialect for the user.

In my opinion, the Pilot could easily become a highly sought-after tool for a wide demographic across the globe. Teachers would find it handy with their international students, world leaders could use it during official meetings, and the list goes on and on. With the release date quickly approaching, we will have to see how the world reacts to this groundbreaking piece of technology.

Where Will We All Be?

I think many of us can agree that the IMA program has been a life changing event for us. And it’s not really surprising, I mean, college is usually a time of big transition and growth. We’ve learnt so much over the last 5 months, and I mean that in more ways than one, not only the technical skills, and design theory. We’ve learnt about each other and from each other. We’ve learnt who each person is, what their strengths are, what they like to do, and what they don’t like to do. Really, we’ve become a family, as cheesy as it sounds. We spend 8 hours together, every single day, that’s more time than I spend with my own family. We’ve learnt to work together and help each other, and we’ve all become quite close.

New friendships have been made, and even old ones have been strengthened. I’ll be the first to admit, when the course first started I had no idea I would be so close with the people in the class, and to be honest I’m glad I am. I think, and hope that the friendships we make in these 2 years will be life long relationships. At this point in time we’re at the peak of the first year and we’re too busy getting the work done for the deadline to sit and think, that in a year and a half, we’ll be graduating.

It’s crazy to think this much time has already gone by, and the rest is also going to fly by. It makes me wonder, what paths will we all take? what specializations will each of us choose? what cities will we move to? what goals will change from now till then?. It’ll be an interesting time, when we graduate and say goodbye, and each of us move on to continue living our lives and chasing our dreams. I can’t help but wonder, in 5 years time, where will we all be?

Development or Design?

Many of us in the first year IMA program, started with an idea of where we wanted our focus to be during the first few days of us starting this program. I for one, wanted to become a graphic designer and make the concept art for game companies. After going through the first term and into the second, I can still say that I would love to become that graphic designer, but in reality, I know that I am a much better developer. I can see my career going further if I took to focusing directly on the coding than if I tried to keep my focus on the design aspect. To those that might still be having questions about where they should have their focus, here is a few ideas to consider.

First of all, if you are an amazing artist, and you can replicate and use the tools for Photoshop & Illustrator, I highly recommend keeping focused on the design aspect. Your talent will be of big use to you in the design side and it will make it a lot easier for you in the long run. However, if you have a gnack for coding, even though it can be extremely frustrating at times, at least consider focusing on the development side. Sure it is painstakingly repetitive and at times excruciatingly aggravating but your expertise with the code will give you an easier time.

If you are having qualms about choosing either or, consider focusing on one that you enjoy the most. As a wise person once said, “If you enjoy what you are doing, you will never work a day in your life.” And just remember to keep your head up, there will be times in which the work will be very cumbersome and it will drag you down. Just keep striving to do the best you can and it will pay off in the long run.