Trial and Error. Signed, your best friend

With the ability to share our knowledge and inspirations with others around the world: how do we come up something that is fresh, new and exciting? Collaboration. If you find yourself stuck in a rut unable to come up with an idea; Feedback from others is amazing. Will you always agree with that person? Probably not. Although, it never hurts to receive feedback. We will all have moments where we will fail miserably but, those failures will end up teaching us a lesson in time.

Trial and error is crucial step in order to succeed. There will be days where your mind will be blank or you didn’t present your best work but there is always a lesson to be learned with each experience. I know that I have. After I graduated high school I thought I wanted to be a teacher. I enrolled at Brandon University under a Bachelor of Fine Arts hoping to get into the Education program. I knew within a few months that university was not for me. The hardest part was realizing how disappointed I felt in myself for not succeeding. I worked different jobs and held a steady position with a great company in Brandon for almost four years but I was also very unsatisfied with the way my life was. I felt that at my age of 24, I should have been finished my post secondary education already.

I often found myself expressing my ideas in creative ways and would admire digital art that I’ve seen online. I had a flashback to my grade 12 year, right before I graduated. My art teacher suggested that I take a look into the Interactive Media Arts program. I ended up doing a spend a day here but at the age of 17. With not much life experience, paired along with immaturity, I decided to go to BU instead. I often wondered if I chose the program here, would I have followed the same path of becoming a dropout? It took me a lot of failures, hard work, and perseverance to become the person who I am today. There still will be moments where I am sure that I may fail and question myself. Despite this I am also reminded of the woman who already got through so much and will continue to keep fighting in order to be the person I want to be.  

The Value of Perseverance

Missing school because of personal problems outside of school is a problem in itself: you miss class because of external problems in your social life, an illness, being up too late, or even just straight-up irresponsibility… but be what it might, you must learn to adapt and persevere or fail. Everyone has issues, and everyone handles their issues differently, but if you don’t at least try to keep up with what’s important – and I mean truly important – you’re going to have an even harder time as the stress piles up because of your neglected responsibilities located outside of your problems.

Take me, for example: I missed class all week last week because I had bronchitis. However, I stayed in contact with the instructors and got extensions where they were needed, and even worked from home to get some assignments finished. If you inform your instructors of what you’re up to, they’re more than happy to accomodate you and help you when you ask. Persevering through your problems goes a long way, and although it may be painful to try and wrack your brain with everything else jumbling it up, it really adds up in the long run. Getting that high mark at the end of such a struggle is a huge boost to your self-esteem, work ethic, and your GPA, of course.

When evaluated at the end of the year, you will hear about how you were absent so often and that your attendance might have been better, but at the same time, they will comment about how hard you worked despite your demons trying to drag you two steps backward when you took a step forward. When you’re applying for a job in the future and they look at your transcript, the employer might not be impressed with your attendance, but your grades might convince them to give you an interview regardless. It really matters in the end, even though it doesn’t seem like much now. The value of perseverance is one of the golden virtues, just like patience and kindness: each of those takes a lot more heart and courage than it would to give into the temptation of it’s opposite.