The battle between blog and magazine

In this second part of my posts, I’ll be comparing the blog from the first post to a magazine. The magazine that I’ve chosen to compare it to is a video maker magazine. 

With this magazine, I feel like it trying to talk to multiple people and in a more neutral tone and just trying to give the info in the quickest way possible. One thing that I like about the magazine to Matt Scott’s blog is the fact that the font of the magazine is big enough for you to read even with zooming in or having to go into the post.  Something that is really nice about the magazine is that it doesn’t take long to read something from it. Another nice thing about the magazine is that they only use things that they have made so that when it comes to giving credits they don’t have to do anything but the blog has to tell everything that they used and give credit to the original poster or creator.

A downside to the magazine over the blog is that there is no video that can accompany the text to show something that the writer is writing about but have to tell you to check out a video or not have any. One thing I didn’t like about this magazine is the fact that the images that went with the post were only in black and white and they were made like drawings instead of pictures taken to show what they were talking about. The magazine felt like it was written by multiple people and was speaking to a group of people instead of just one person and trying to make a connection with that person. It was also just trying to tell you the facts and doesn’t seem to really have a personality to it. This can be taken both ways because if you just looking for facts then the magazine is better but if you want a person to use analogies the blog would be a better pick. The magazine does use some multimedia elements but only at the end of the article just to send you to their social media like Youtube, Instagram and Twitter, but it tries to keep you to the magazine and what it’s trying to say 

In my personal opinion, I think that the blog is better because it has more of a character but the magazine is just trying to tell you the facts, the quickest way and no alternatives. Thank you for reading this post.