Online Dating For Bisexuals

There are a lot of dating websites for straight people. The one problem is there are not that many websites that help men or women seeking both.


I am bisexual, a person who seeks another person of either gender. As a Bisexual, I usually look for websites that allow you to look for both men and women at the same time, but there are some limitations to that. I’m going to talk about two popular dating websites that  I have tried: Tinder and Bumble. Each of them allow you to find men and women.

With Tinder, you can swipe right or left for the people that show up on your feed. Swiping right means you like how they look or you like their profile. Swiping left means that you do not particularly like the person that shows up. Tinder allows you to choose whether you like men, women or both. The only problem I have with Tinder is that it mostly gives you people of the opposite gender and it is rare you get the same gender.

Bumble is the same as tinder with mechanics, but it also gives you the option of changing to looking for friends as well. Bumble also shows off people who have the same thoughts of dating either men or women or both as you and I find that quite nice. The only thing I do not like about Bumble is when you get a match, you have to message them within 48 hours of matching or they disappear. I find this feature very inconvenient because with these dating apps, the person to respond is the woman. She supposed to respond first. she matched with the man or woman. In addition, when a woman matches with a woman, that the one who swiped first is the one who messages the other one. In addition, I do not message people right away when I swipe right because I want to see other options and I get very busy and forget to message. In addition, when I think I want to message them, they are already gone.

I wish any Bisexual person out there that wants to try online dating good luck, because they are going to need it.