Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Pokemon Go! was huge two years ago, it took the world by storm by creating a game that gets people moving, interacting and used a very well known and loved game. The company Niantic, who created Pokemon Go, has been developing the game, HarryPotter: Wizards Unite!



The game will be similar to Pokemon Go!; turning real-world streets, neighborhoods and cities into a global game board, and bringing people together in a shared digital reality. It will be interactive and get you moving and socializing with people who also love Harry Potter. You’ll be learning and casting spells, battling magical creatures, and teaming up with others to take down enemies.

I LOVE Harry Potter, so I’m super pumped about this game! People seemed to have really loved Pokemon Go! I don’t know why people have stopped talking about the game, I just assume because its ran its course and people got tired of it, but I’m glad the company has continued with the Harry Potter project.

Details on the game are pretty scarce, but Niantic did say in September that the company was looking at using audio cues in future AR games because holding up a phone for an extended period of time ‘makes them look like a total doofus,’ So it’s possible that Harry Potter Wizards Unite, will have sound cues. OMG how cool is that!

The game is set to release sometime in 2018, so get ready for more strangers wandering around your neighbourhood and watch out for those people who wander out onto the street without looking! I think that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be a very good game and very popular, I personally think it will do better than Pokemon Go! So if you’re a fan of Harry Potter or augmented reality games then this is the game for you!

Forget Millennial Shorthand; Get Grammarly

Have you ever hit the send button, only to realize that your phone had auto-corrected into complete nonsense? What about writing a quick social media post and accidentally using their instead of there?

In today’s world with chat speak and millennial shorthand, it is important to use proper grammar. As an Interactive Student in the IMA program at Assiniboine Community College, I find it essential to be on top of the language I am using, as to keep a professional persona; Therefore, I downloaded Grammarly.

Grammarly is available as a mobile app, a browser extension and a software add-in. They also have an amazing website with added perks. Although the different versions of the application have the same goal, they are all presented in a unique way, maximizing their use on each platform.


Mobile App

The mobile app; A personal editor you can take wherever you go. This application not only checks the spelling of singular words, but it also checks for contextual spelling errors, giving you the option to view a short and sweet explanation for the correction. To encourage mistake-free writing, the Grammarly app is presented as a keyboard that integrates smoothly across all other apps on your mobile device.

An intriguing part of the keyboard is the option to add words to your dictionary with a simple touch of the + sign. Another bonus feature is the auto-correct notification: A little teal box pops up on the top of your keyboard every time it auto-corrects, letting you know, just in case.

Browser Extension

Grammarly is also available on your Mac or PC. The browser extension works across the web and is compatible with:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Windows
  • Microsoft Office
  • MacOS

Grammarly’s extension harmonizes with your browser, allowing you to use it across the web. From writing important emails to posting a comment on a blog, you’ll eliminate the worry of making mistakes.


Signing in to Grammarly.com allows you access to a world of grammatically correct fun. The website allows you to personalize your account for more relevant checks. This includes setting your primary language, your preferred English vocabulary (i.e. United States English vs. Canadian English), and the level of your grammar skills.

As an application, Grammarly has a lot to offer and has become a successful addition to my tool belt as a graphic/web design student.

This post was edited with Grammarly.

Download the app here!

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is an upcoming mobile app that allows users to catch virtual Pokémon in real life. That’s right, your childhood dreams of becoming a Pokémon master can now come true. The app uses augmented reality to portray sprites of your favourite Pokémon in the world right in front of you. To fully utilize the app, a separate wrist band is sold that uses bluetooth to connect to your device. This wrist band will light up and vibrate when you’re close to a Pokémon in the real world.


The point of Pokémon GO is to simulate being a Pokémon trainer in real life. To find Pokémon, you must physically leave your house and capture them. Once captured, you can train your Pokémon by fighting other Pokémon out in the wild. Where you live will determine the kind of Pokémon that you’ll be able to find. For example, the biome in Australia is really dry and rocky, so you would be able to find and catch rock or ground type Pokémon. If you lived in Sydney, you would be able to catch these along with water type Pokémon, due to the city being a harbour. The whole point of this is to encourage people to travel and get out of the house. I think this is a great idea, because video games tend to keep people in the house and away from the real world.

Along with being able to capture and train Pokémon, you can also battle Pokémon with other people. Pokémon GO takes the concept of Pokémon, and applies it to the real world. I am personally very excited to see games like this become more innovative and interactive. Augmented reality is still such a new concept, and I’m eager to see where it will go. As a person who grew up playing Pokémon games, it’s amazing to see it come to real life. I hope more games in the future consider augmented reality as a medium.

Do you believe that games like Pokémon GO are a good thing? Or is it taking away from traditional games? I believe that it’s a good advancement, and it can only get better from here.