Pop Team Epic: Comedy at its craziest

New Year, new season of anime. This winter, many great anime have come out, but I am not going to talk about all of them. I am going to talk about one specific anime called Pop Team Epic, or Poputepipikku in Japanese.

This anime started as a manga by writer and illustrator Bubuku Okawa and was wildly popular for the fun it poked at political, social and entertainment topics all around the world. One moment the two main characters, Popuko and Pipimi act like nothing’s going on, then they go wild mentioning wild topics unrelated to the story. If you think that this is a kind-hearted show about two girls trying to go through life, buckle up, because things get insane in a funny way.

The first episode of Pop team epic starts with a generic slice of life intro, not including the girls. The design of the characters in the opening are very nice and makes it seem like it is going to be a nice romance/slice of life anime. When we get to the episode card, small hands grab the sides and rips the card in half. The character Popuko appears, and with a man’s voice; and a cute, but deadly look in her eyes; says “Not.”, and the craziness begins.

Watching through the episode myself, I really enjoyed the comedy and the quality of the animation. Everything rolled smoothly and the animators designed the characters exactly as they looked in the manga. I was laughing every minute. From the tropes of other animes that they used, to references of pop culture. There is even a small shot where a shadow person is spinning a fidget spinner. When I saw it, I laughed so hard I was worried I was going to get a noise complaint. There were a few things I believe could have changed. The episode itself is not that long, around 12 minutes; but it splits into 24 minutes with the same episode playing again with female voice actors this time. I feel if they split the anime into two different episodes with a small note saying if it is either male or female voice actors playing in the episode. As an anime lover, and a designer, this anime gives everything I love in one small and tall, crazy package. I would highly recommend it if you like characters going through crazy antics and pop culture jokes. My rating: 9/10